June 5, 2007

Steve Gilliard Gets An NYT Obit

Sure, NOW they notice him now that he's dead:

Steven Gilliard Jr., 42, Dies; Founder of Liberal Political Blog

Published: June 6, 2007

Steven Gilliard Jr., a political journalist who found his calling as a combative and influential blogger on the left, died on Saturday in Manhattan. He was 42.

He died after having been hospitalized at Lenox Hill Hospital since February because of heart and kidney failure, said his cousin Francine Smith, a spokeswoman for the family.

From his perch at The News Blog, whose advertisements and donations paid for his modest living expenses, Mr. Gilliard offered his powerful readership a blunt and passionate take on the events of the day. He was one of fewer than a dozen liberal political bloggers to make a living from his blog, said Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, the founder of the Daily Kos Web site, to which Mr. Gilliard had been an early contributor.

Mr. Gilliard was born in Harlem and attended Hunter College Elementary School and Hunter College High School before graduating with a degree in journalism from New York University.

After working in print journalism, Mr. Gilliard migrated online, working for a Web site, Net Slaves, that chronicled the lot of the tech worker during the dot-com boom. His involvement in online political writing received a critical boost when Mr. Moulitsas chose Mr. Gilliard to help create material for the Daily Kos site at a time when it had 4,000 visitors a day; it now has 500,000 a day.

Mr. Gilliard eventually left Daily Kos to create The News Blog.

Mr. Gilliard’s survivors include his parents, Steven Gilliard Sr. and Evelyn Lillian Gilliard of Manhattan, and two sisters, Valerie Gilliard and Roberta Smalls, both of Massachusetts.

In what is a now-familiar story among Internet collaborators, many of the thousands who posted online reactions to Mr. Gilliard’s death wrote that they had known little about him, even the fact that he was black. Others, though, mourned the loss of an African-American voice in the liberal blogging world. Those closest to him offline similarly knew next to nothing about his life as blogger.

“Most of the family didn’t know what he was doing on the Web site,? said his cousin, Ms. Smith, who said his parents did not own computers.

March 22, 2007

All This And Rabbit Stew

Guess what my sister found in our church video library?


Yep, it's a cartoon collection prominently featuring one of Warner Bros. "Censored 11" titled "All This And Rabbit Stew." Being a product of its time, that cartoon short was simply mired in racist imagery that many would find objectionable. At first I was surprised that this cartoon would be released on videotape in 1989 of all years, since this and other cartoons were banned in 1968. But apparently this particular cartoon was made part of the public domain so anybody could release it. But still I'm kinda surprised that my church would see fit to make it available or someone would see fit to donate the video in the first place. Oh well, since the cartoon is part of the public domain, that means it can be YouTubed and AOLTimeWarner can't say jack about it, so enjoy the film, you racist you:

March 1, 2007


98th percentile on the PCAT man, BOOYAH!

Now if I can only do something about my GPA, I'm all in. . .

December 25, 2006

Merry Fucking Christmas

James Brown just died.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

In a small commemoration of his death and the current circumstances, here's the mp3 of "Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto"

March 2, 2006

Goodie, I Got My Letter Published

as usual, the Daily is almost a week late in terms of the letter's relevance to current events, but it is the first one featured:

Innocent detainees

The February issue of Harper's Magazine reported that out of the more than 48,000 Iraqis detained by coalition forces, only 1.5 have been convicted of any crime. The Feb. 13 issue of the National Journal has several features that revealed how many, if not most, of the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay are likely innocent of any crime or ill intent against Americans. At most, 20 percent of the Guantanamo Bay prisoners are members of Al-Qaeda, the rest were merely Taliban foot-soldiers or individuals unfortunate enough to be randomly captured and handed over to Americans by bounty hunters. Indeed, eight Gitmo prisoners have been cleared of being "enemy combatants," but still they remain arbitrarily detained with little hope for due process.
For Tom Kuehn to justify the documented abuses against these prisoners by demonizing the innocent along with the bad in his Friday letter to the editor is unequivocally unconscionable and makes me question his worth as a human being. Perhaps he can redeem himself and prove the sincerity of his beliefs by making a reservation in any one of our extrajudicial detention centers for an indefinite period of time. If sodomizing, torturing and locking up innocent people is necessary to protect people like Kuehn, then he of all people should have no problem with the proposition.

Gad Onyeneho
University undergraduate

I was responding to this letter.