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Bobos in Paradise

Bobos in Paradise was written by David Brooks. Brooks wrote this piece after he had went abroad for four and a half years. Upon his return he noticed many differences in our culture. In the fraction that I read Brooks writes about many observations that he makes on pleasures. He talks about pleasure wars, how to regulate your senses, and what pleasuers are useful. For example, Brooks says "Over the past few years the educated class has domesticated lust by enshrouding it in highmindedness." I personally agree with Brooks on this statement and many others that he makes. Brooks goes on later to describe how the educated classes vactions differ. One part I liked was when he desribed a "travel snob." A travel snob is the man with all the pocket laments, and wears his past destinations as merits. Brooks says that a travel snobs main joy in life is to tell you that everywhere you are going, they were there a long time ago when it ment something. This piece will show you todays culture through a different pair of eyes. It brings up several good points and will make you laugh in the process.