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Straw Dogs

"Straw Dogs" is a book written about the battle between science/technology and humans. It was written by John Gray. The book starts out talking about Darwinism. It makes the statement that humans are no different than any other animals. They can't control their own fate. I believe to a certain extent that our fate is predetermined, but with the intelligence of the human race a lot of our life is a direct cosequence of decisions that we make. The book also makes reference to the extinction of dinosaurs and other species, and it says that species today are disappearing at a rate that will surpase that of the last great extinction. That was an eye opener for me. The book goes on to describe the dispute between science and the churches. The main purpose of the book, I believe, is to try and describe the role of humans on the planet earth. Straw dogs were used as offerings to the gods in ancient Chinese rituals. They were treated with the utmost respect during the ritual, but afterwards they were trampled and tossed aside. This is the way John Gray believes humans relate to this world. That is why he named this book what he did. This book is very descriptive and full of information. It hit on many logical points and did a good job showing where the auther stands in a battle of science and humans.