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Age and Teaching

The other day in my english composition classwe discussed whether age determines how good of a teacher you are. I believe that a good teacher is one that has good experience in the field that they are teaching. Also they need to be able to relate to the students. Although with age comes experience, in this case it is not exactly that easy. You do not get as much experience when you observe something rather then participate. For example, someone will learn a lot more about the game of hockey when when a player/former player is teaching as opposed to someone who has casually watched hockey on weekends. Also the teacher needs to be able to relate to the students. A good example of this is when a teacher rambles on about a topic assuming the student knows the vocab and a little background on the topic. You don't learn much in this situation, but if the teacher breaks it down into terms and concepts you can easily comprehend a lot more of it sticks. These are two big qualities that make up a teacher.