December 11, 2006

Early Season Ice Fishing

This past weekend I went out to the lake, with a buddy of mine, to go ice fishinig. The past week or so have been cold enough to put a nice sheet of ice over the lakes. We first went out to Lake Baxter were we found about eight inches of ice already on the lake. Fishing was slow on Baxter, and after an hour of catching little sunnies and perch we packed up. Our next stop was at Blue Lake. This lake is slightly larger than Baxter so there was a little less ice, about 6 inches. That didn't stop any of the other fisherman from parking their trucks on the ice and cruising around the lake on their atv's. Fishing was a lot better on Blue Lake than it was on Baxter. The sunnies and perch had more size to them. Also we caught a couple 14 - 16 inch walleyes, and a few crappies worth flaying. One exceeded a pound in size. This weekend I will try out Elk Lake for some Northern Pike, and big Crappies.