November 29, 2006

The Art of Jerky

This deer season I made it a point to get a deer no matter what. I have been craving venison jerky for about a year. This year I decided I was going to do something about it. So after shooting my doe opener weekend I ordered a nine try dehydrator and went to Cabelas to pick up some seasoning. This past weekend everything finally was lined up and I could make the jerky. So Wednesday night I stopped by uncles house and picked up his meat grinder and his jerky shooter. I forgot to take the veniso out of the freezer so it was friday before it was defrosted enough to grind. So I began mixing the spices around noon Friday. A buddy of mine came over around one to assist me. After grinding the meat, mixing it all with the spices, preparing it on the dehydrator trays, and running the dehydrator it was three O'clock in the morning. I had no idea that the process would take that long and demand that much time. It took a lot of time and effort, and the next time a see a bag of jerky selling for six bucks i will better appreciate the value.

November 20, 2006

Final Weekend Of Deer Season

This past weekend was the final weekend of deer season. I went up to my Grandpa's cabin to in hopes that my luck my change. Saturday morning started pretty good. Around 7:30 I heard steps to the North East of me. So I brought up my gun and watched the shooting lane intently waiting for the deer to cross. But just like my luck has been going this year I cought a glimpse of the deer off to the right walking in thick brush and pine trees. As fast as I seen the deer it disapeared into the thicket. Thinking that this was a good sign my hopes were high for the rest of the weekend, but they slowly drained as the day drew longer. Finally just before dark I heard more footsteps. This time they were comming from the South West. Of course I couldn't see anything through thi pines. Finally it popped out right beneath my stand and waddled into the clearing in front of me. I sat and oserved it until darkness set in. Then I brought up my gun, put the crosshairs on its heart, and pulled the trigger. BOOM, It dropped in its tracks. I had just shot my first Porcupine.

November 7, 2006

Slow Opener

So much for my hopes of seeing a lot of deer this opener. Out of our whole hunting party, which consists of eight guys, we seen a total of nine deer. I personally sat on my stand for over 14 hours and seen only one deer. Saturday afternoon when I went in for lunch I was talking with my cousins and I decided that I was going to get a deer this weekend no matter what. So saturday night just as the sun was starting to set the noise of the squirrel behind me started to form into heavy foot steps. So I took out my binoculars and scanned the far ridge. There it was, the deer I had been waiting for. At that point I could care less if it was a monster buck or not. I just wanted some venisan. I seen the doe quartering away about 75 yards from me. So I pulled up my gun, put the crosshairs on the vital area, and pulled the trigger. She dropped instantly, and took the only bullet fired by our party all weekend.

November 1, 2006

Minnesota's Biggest Holiday

This Saturday is the biggest holiday in Minnesota. No it's not Thanksgiving, or Christmas yet. This Saturday marks the openenig of deer season. People from all corners of the state are getting pumped for this weekend. I know I am. This weekend I am going up north to Laport, Minnesota with my dad, uncle and cousins. Every year we go up there a month in advance to ensure that our stands are still in good shape. Also we scout the area for sign of the monster buck. My stand has seen its better days, but it still supports my weight and is in a prime spot. I have waited all year for this weekend and now it is here. I finished all my homework for the weekend so I won't have anything school related on my mind for the next 72 hours. I have a good feeling about this weekend, I think that big buck just might wander past my stand this year.

October 25, 2006

Camp Ripley

This weekend I am going up to and invitational bowhunt at CampRipley . Every year me and my dad put in for the hunt, but some years we don't get drawn. This year my dad, my uncle, my cousins, and me were all drawn to attend. So for the first time in three years we are all going up there together. Camp Ripley is a military camp located just north of Little Falls Minnesota. All the hunters form two lines that stretch to be over a mile long. Saturday morning the gates open up and all the hunters head into the spots that they have scouted on a map. Thousands of hunters rushinig to get the prime spot before someone else can claim it. After a long days hunting everyone must head back out to their camp site and reform the line to get ready for sunday. You are asked to remove your stand at night in case there ia a military emergency and you are unable to re-enter the next morning. It is definatly worth the caos because every year monster bucks are taken by ordinary hunters. Maybe this year it will be my turn.