October 10, 2006

There's always next year

After an emotional comeback to take the division from the Tigers, the Minnesota Twins opened up the ALDS in Minnesota against the Oakland Athletics. After the rollercoaster reached a new height for the season, it was quickley followed by the biggest drop. The Twins dropped three straight games to the Athletics, 2-3, 3-5, and 3-8. It is now time for the Twins to review the year, and look forward to getting better next year. The Twins also picked up Torii Hunter's option for next year so he will remain a Twin. Also Twins pitcher Brad Radke faces a tough rtetirement decision. Is it time to hang it up, or can he make another run with the team next year. Look for the Twins to be a contender next year with all the young talent they have. Stay tuned in for key off season moves, and anything else involving Twins baseball.

October 1, 2006

Twins Dramatic Finish

The Minnesota Twins entered the day Sunday tied for first place in the American League Central Division with the Detroit Tigers. Because the Tigers won the season series with the Twins they would emerge champs, and the Twins would take the wildcard. So that in mind the Twins needed to avoid the sweep and defeat the Chicago White Sox, but they also needed Kansas City Royals to complete the sweep of the Tigers. The Twins trailed early, but battled back scoring three runs in the fourth inning, one run in the fifth, and one in the sixth. That was all they needed because the twins pitchers never surrendered another run. The Twins completed their end of the deal. The Tigers/Royals game was put on the jumbotrons, and everyone in the metrodome stuck around to see if Kansas City could complete their end. It didn't look good early, the Royals were down by six runs after three innings of play, but they faught back. They scored eight runs in the next five innings to send it into extra innings. Kansas City dodged a bullet in the bottom of the eleventh, and came back to score two runs in the top of the 12th. The Royals held back the Tigers in the bottom of the inning to upset the Tigers. Meanwhile the Metrodome erupted. The Twins won the division and completed one of the best come back stories baseball has ever seen. The Twins now will have home field advantage as the square off against the Oakland Athletics in the first round of the playoffs this Tuesday.

September 27, 2006

Twins Clinch Playoff Birth

The Twins clinched playoff birth. That sentence, if told to a sports analyst in june, would have caused uncontrollable laughter followed by an, Are you crazy? On June 16th the twins trailed the Detroit Tigers by eleven games, and the White Sox by 10.5 in the wild card. The Tigers had the best record in baseball and looked to be unstopable. The defending champion White Sox had things going their way. The twins were caught up in injuries, and were going through some hard times as a team. Since then the Twins have been on a major role. Detroit has recently hit a wall, and the White Sox fell off the face of the eaarth. The Twins clinched the wild card spot on Monday night with an 8 - 1 win over the Kansas City Royals. To help the process along the White Sox were massacred by the Clevland Indians 14 - 1. The Twins now set their sights on a division title as they attempt to track down the Detroit Tigers to cap off one of the biggest comebacks baseball has seen. Toon in to catch all the excitement.

September 21, 2006

Pennant Race Heats Up.

The Minnesota Twins have narrowed the Detroit Tigers lead to a minute .5 game. The Twins have won ten of there last twelve games. While Detroit has lost eleven of their last 18 game. The team that used to be right in the thick of things is the Chicago White Sox. The White Sox have all but collapsed losing six of their last eight, and thirteen of their last twenty. The Twins lead the wild card race by 5.5 games with only eleven games left to play. So that in mind the Twins playoff hopes are looking very good. Johan Santana goes for his nineteenth win tonight against the dangerous Boston Red Sox. The Tigers square off in a make up game tonight against the Baltimore Orioles. If the Orioles can find a way to defeat the Tigers, and the Twins can sweep the Red Sox tonight the twins will take the lead in the American League Central. The Twins are in the middle of a very heated hunt for October, and are playing exciting baseball. The Twins are on fire right now, and have to strike fear in whatever team they square off with in the playoffs.

September 14, 2006

Update on twins pitchers

Everyone knows that Twins rookie sensation Francisco Liriano went down about a month ago in a game against the division leading Detroit Tigers. Most know that his much anticipated return took place yesterday in the metrodome, and he went out again after 2 1/3 innings pitched with elbow pain again. Not many know that the MRI cameback negative. Dispite that the twins are probably not going to rush him back into the rotation. Twins veteran Brad Radke has been out of the rotation since Aug. 25 with a stress fracture in his throwing shoulder. Good news though he was reportedly playing catch the other day without pain. Radke might be the boost to the rotation that just might send the twins past the struggaling tigers for the division title.