May 13, 2008


First day of volunteering, I was kind of nervous I hadn’t ever worked as a tutor before. It was really a change from last semester when I only was working with the kids for brief moments. Tutoring proved to be just the challenge I thought it would be. It is really hard to keep them focused especially when I am trying to learn what to do at the same time. I was worried when I found out that the kid I was tutoring had been a challenge in the past. This turned out to be not such a big deal he was unfocused but he wasn’t out of control. The week before spring break most of the kids didn’t show up which meant that several of the tutors including myself didn’t have anything to do. We ended up testing out a game with the program director to see if it could be work into the structure of the program. I was a game from Africa that has been proven to help with memory. We played through the game several times and brainstormed how the game could be incorporated into the program. It was nice to be able to get to know the other tutors. The following week I once again was not tutoring but instead I worked the game desk. I was worried after not tutoring for several weeks to start again. The transition back was really easy the kids were the same as last time. This week there was a shortage of tutors and I ended up tutoring another kid, which was fine and it turned out to be nice end to the year.