Assignment # 2


Mind Mapping and Silly Ideas

This week assignment is about humor and play and can be broken down into 3 part; getting into the right stage of mind, associative map making, and idea generation. The second two parts were to be related to the theme of winter.

Part One: Getting the Playful and Creative Mojo Flowing

In order to get in the mood, I took on the task of a lyric rewrite, which is exactly what is sounds like. My song of choice: M.C. Hammer's You Can't Touch This. The theme was based on the experience of people who are not use to the energy of young children. I started with making a list of different scenarios then worked on trading them out with the actual lyrics. The result were as follows:

You Don't Touch This
By Person without kids and now is babysitting

You don't touch this
You don't do that
You don't touch this
You don't do that
You don't touch this

My, my, my nerves are shot so bad
Makes me say "oh, my Lord"
Thank you for blessing me
Without children who act crazily

It's like they know, when you're feeling down
A sickness, headache or cold going round
Mischievous behavior
Boils within children under the age of four

I told you, kid
(you don't do that)
Quit picking your nose and eating it now!
(you don't do that)

Look me in the eyes, kid
(you don't do that)
Listen cause I'm the authority
(you don't touch this)

Fresh Poop paintings, advance
Down the hall, standing about three feet tall
Mini Satins
Running around my feet
Screaming, laughing crying high pitchily

Silence hits, hold on
Heart starts pumping thinking what has
gone wrong
Like this, Like that

Shock strikes the heart turning the corner
Three sets of eyes bigger than quarters
Looking down at ,uh, what they weren't suppose to touch

*sigh, I told you
(You don't touch this)
Why don't you listen, Kid?
(You don't do that)
You are going on a time out , now!
(You don't touch this)

Next thing I know, they've disappeared
Making me sweat, thinking of all that is feared
Now, they know
I'm bringing down the hammer, they
Are not going to show

Step 2: Mapping the Mind's Process

An associative map was to be made with the theme of winter as it's starting point (See image below).


3 sub-themes that will be expanded on are darkness, naked, and skiing
Step 3: Silly Idea Generation












I love that you found a way to be creative even in the "getting in the mood" phase of the assignment. Way to get the creative juices flowing early! Your mind map is gorgeous, and I thought the use of colors really helped to separate themes into different sections.

I liked your inventions, too. If there's one piece of feedback I could give, it's that it would have been great if you could have spent a bit more time describing how you came up with your inventions or (in just a few cases) how you saw people using them in the real world. For example, what are icicle jeans? Who would use them? How did you come up with the idea?

Otherwise, the post was great!

Your post overall was very unique and creative! I like how you did something out of box by rewriting a song. It was amusing as well. Your mind map did a great job of incorporating color and pictures, and spanned over a lot of sub-themes. Your sub-theme of darkness intrigued me, because that's not something I would immediately associate with winter, but completely makes sense. I liked how a lot of your ideas were more ridiculous than feasible. You could tell you really allowed yourself to get silly with it and let your creative juices flow, uninhibited. The only real constructive criticism I would give would be to better explain your ideas, either through more annotations on the pictures or through accompanying text. Maybe also explain your thought process to that idea, no matter how ridiculous.


Your mind map is -very- colorful! I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into it. You made a great use of space. Color coding the different subthemes was a great idea! The lyric rewrite was also quite great! I'll have that stuck in my head for the next few days... The 3rd part of the assignment would benefit from explaining the different products a bit/process behind them. (I made this mistake also for this assignment.) I definitely didn't have "naked" in my winter mind map! I usually think of lots and lots of clothes during winter.

Your idea of starting your idea generation after warming up with a lyric rewrite was so cool! That's a really great way to get the ball rolling, definitely going to use that one! Your mind map is super colorful and easy to follow! I think you could have elaborated on it a little but more and your sub themes are kind of hard to connect and I'm not totally sure how they connect to winter but props for the abstract concepts! I think your silly ideas could have been more explored even though your sub themes aren't so much connected and don't go very cohesively together but your start to the assignment was definitely strong so I'm not worried about your choice in new sub themes at all!

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