Assignment #4


Assignment #4: Brainstorming and Blue Sky Ideation


This weeks assignment was more of a challenge than anything. Trying to convince people that brainstorming can be fun is a lot harder than I would have expected. Previous experiences has given them a very negative attitude due to productivity loss factors, such as idea blocking or evaluation apprehension. I had to convince some to come by luring them with free food or favors.

Our task was to find solutions by new product ideas for:

A: How might we increase the ability to be flexible and range of motion while skiing?

B: How might we make transporting skies easier so one does not need assistance or need to remove ones gloves to do it?

My brainstorming group consisted of my two roommates, my mom (whom I bribed with ice cream), an medical student, and me.


Step 1: Getting the Gears Turning

As a warm up game we played Spin Draw, a collaborative drawing game that everyone is working on one drawing together where at any point the drawing could be turned to work on someone else's area. Each drawing had a four minute time constraint and the rules were it had to be cohesive and no one could talk. The first was completely open-ended. The second had a theme of murder weapons.


Step 2: Brainstorming

Free Form methods and Associative techniques were used for brainstorming. Each person received a pad of post-its, purple orange or yellow. It was run very similar to class where we would draw an idea, share it with the group and place it on the wall. Some people were not as confident in their drawing skills so writing ideas was allowed.


Many of the Ideas were random at first so I had to backtrack and explain that randomness does not mean creative, and the novel, feasible and desirability factors. This slowed the idea generation quite a bit. Idea generation slowed multiple times so different perspectives were suggested such as

a. How would 007 deal with this issue?
b. How would this affect a 5-year-old?
c. What is the worst product you could make for this issue?
d. How would a hitchhiker deal with this problem?

Step 3: Organizing the Mess

The Brainstorming session started late, and since some had an hour drive home or homework, the sorting and labeling of ideas was left to me. We voted via Skype conversations.

A. How might we increase the ability to be flexible and range of motion while skiing?

IPM(Ideas/min): 3.2

Major Categories
*Warm-up Stations on Hill
*Impact Apparel
*Ski Position
*Minimized Materials
*Heating Implements
*Trapped Air
*Textile Assembly and Materials

Unfortunately the last group was needed because of the random vs. creative factor.

The Best Ideas for Prompt A


Dance Routine Skiing allows people to wear less clothes which increases range of motion and flexibility as a result of less material and movements of dance.


One piece of clothing so athletes don't have to carry as much apparel and minimizes bulk.


Centralizing the sun's light and warmth toward skier's body.


Heated Skies that would allow heat to rise from toes up. Also would melt snow slightly to make one go faster down hill.


Heat gauges allow you to adjust temperature without removing layers.

B: How might we make transporting skies easier so one does not need assistance or need to remove ones gloves to do it?

IPM: 2.8 (Probably lessened due to removal of random factor)

Major Categories

*Protective fluid Applications
*Folding Skies
*Hand Skies
*Magnetic Skies
*Car and Ski Hill Applications
*Flex Skies

Best Ideas for Prompt B


Suction-cupped gloves allow for easier pick-up capabilities so one doesn't have to remove gloves.


Medical Student:
Skies that turn into snow shoes allows a hands-free carrying method.


Medical Student:
Magnet lined jacket with magnetized skies would allow skier to attach equipment to back without difficulty of straps and reduces time spent putting it in bags.


Tortilla shell like bag allow to owner to wrap skies rather than try to use zippers or snow-filled velcro.


Medical Student:
Ski detachment devices at bottom of hills would not require skiers to any longer buy their own equipment and would no longer have to worry about transporting them.


I really liked the goofy pictures, but I think it would have been nice to see names of people rather than "medical student" or "Mom". Even made up names would have been better. Not using names makes things seem a bit stilted. That's a pretty minor detail thought.

You did a good job documenting your session and which idea techniques you used. I like how even though your session had to be cut short before you could vote, you managed to do so via skype. That's not the best way to do it, of course, but admirable persistence on your part. Your post was well organized and well documented. I thought your brain storming activity was fun and it's great that you included some examples. I like that you included silly ideas as well as realistic ones in your blog post. That gives a great feel for your group. Also some ideas, such as the tortilla one are a great mix of silly and practical.

If you are interesting in improving picture quality, I was told there is a scanner available to design students. This might be something worth considering in your post.

I think you did a very good job in documenting even small part of process you made with your companies. I like the image of the introduction. That’s very captivating and made your blog really attractive. The game that you came up with for the improv seems so fun and interesting. I think one good thing about this game is that everyone’s ideas was represented in the same paper as one through a collaborative work. I think it is a really good start and a warm up game. You also utilized colorful papers for documenting ideas, and I appreciate the way you separately posted each best idea products, so I was able to identify which idea belongs to which problem.

One suggestion from me is, it should be better if you use a scanner for your 10 best idea products. It will make your blog more captivating as it already is.

Overall, your blog was very well organized and enjoyable to visit. Nice work!!

I had the same challenge in getting people to participate because they didn't think brainstorming could be fun, so I feel your pain! You did an extremely good job documenting everything, though, and I loved your idea for the game. Adding a theme to the second round seemed to be very beneficial to help your participants think outside the box! Another thing that stood out to me were the questions you posed when they got stuck or couldn't think as creatively on the subject (how would a homeless person solve this issue) etc. Very good idea!!
A couple suggestions I would have would be to keep consistency in the photos so the blog reads well (not that it doesn't, and I know this isn't always easy when taking photos of the drawings!)
It would also be nice to see a conclusion about what you got out of the assignment or highlights/lowlights!

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