December 14, 2006

Creation and Innovation

The last two readings were very interesting to read. The first reading by Neil Gershenfeld was about the realization that computers are taking over our world. I think that the article was also pointing at the achievements of the technological world over the years with making the computer from a room big to a laptop. The things like Microsoft Word and other are very important to our world today and that is something that we need to be aware of. I think that what the profesors did, providing this class, helps many students realize what they really want to do with their carrers after college. Classes that allow students to experience hands-on the how to make something really makes a student aware of what they like and don't like.

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Kahn's reading is more associated with nature and space. I think that Kahn is trying to tell us that nature is what dictates what will be made and what we will be able to make. He sees technology not as something that is better than us because it is something that is built by us. We have the capability to make and create things that are better and better and leave behind the technology that is with us today. He sees that the world is run under the laws of nature and that man is just part of it. We are subject to nature and what new thing it wants to revel to us.

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The two readings are different but they are similar at the same time. While one reading is exited about the idea of technology and computers taking over to make anything that we want, the other reading is referring to nature as the only source of inspiration and that we are not surrendered to machines. Neil's reading is giving a recount of the achievements of technology while the other is saying that they are due to nature and the human intelligence. They are similar in that they are both looking to the future. They both see the world as a changing place and that we need to change with it. There is a sense of urgency to study and understand nature as well as technology and how that can affect our societies. Today we see a mix of both and get our current world.

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November 28, 2006


This blog was probably the hardest to do and think about because it contained almost all the ideas and concepts that we have been studying in class. The hardest thing was to think about technology as an order of nature. Technopoly to my understanding is the idea that the benefits and the faults of technology is not distributed equally among the people, depending on their social status. Technology has both good things and bad things and usually the people that take advantage of the good things do it in the expense of others. There are people that win and people that loss and usually without knowing it the losers are cheering the winners on because they think that the new technology's benefits will touch their lives for good but in many cases they don't and only harm them.
Thinking of technology as an order of nature, from what I understood, is the way that technology is developed to through the ideas of nature. Taking about the La Sagrada Familia the beams of the building reflect the same shapes or structure that nature forms. This new way of creating a building was and still is technologically advanced but it is simple enough that it could be tided into technology. The hardest forms like the Frank Garry's building are the simplest forms in nature and technology is just making this representation of nature possible. Technology is changing the world but at the same time it is changing it with the thing that has here since the beginning of time, nature.

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November 7, 2006

Frank Lloyd Wright

My favorite architect is Frank Lloyd Wright, I think that he was the reason why I become interested in architecture. Falling Water is probably the most beatiful house in the world, it has all the things for it to be it. It incorporates nature in the design, the waterfall adds the extra sense of beauty. The inside, with the rocks that seem to be coming out, made my thought really go off and see that and architect can do anything. I hope that same day I can build something that a student will be writting about and that my building or design is the reason why he got into architecture. I hope that I will visit this structures like his house in Chicago, Robbin's house, Falling Water and all the other things he created. I also liked his idea of the central fireplace in the house. I think his idea about fire and that being the place were the family gatheres is what holds our families together. He created that sense of unity in the family and also the sense of connection with nature. He was a genious and there will not be another one like him in history.

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Math and Design

These series of images show the connection of mathematics with design. They show how to make a design you need to have measurements and numbers to be able to know how big a base you need to build so that the building doesn't fall or how long the building needs to be. Computer design involves geometry and this type of programs are used widely by many architects, Frank Garry, for example. The creation of plan designs also require math because you have to be able to convert from the inches to centimeters, etc., so that you can make a plan small enough to show it off in a room and once you are putting it in place you need to make it bigger. I remember my last project required the use an architects ruler and I didn't understand the math in it but after I got the numbers down only then I was able to finish the project. I think that math is very much part of design because it involves probability and that is what the the lecture was telling us, that architects need to take into account that there might be a probability that an earthquake or a flood might happen. Architects have to take into account all this and they need to make their own predictions through adding and dividing and trying to figure if a nature disaster was to occur then how would the build fare to that. The biggest challenge for an architect is to make a structure that will remain standing through a natural disaster.

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October 24, 2006

Oppositions and Resolutions

I was confused about the idea of oppositions but after reading other peers blogs and looking deep into the meaning of the words I came out with an opposition. It is interesting to go downtown and see a piece of nature right in the middle of the traffic and congestion that goes on in the city. The opposition are the cars, the people, the busy life. The resolution to this problem would be to either run through the people and find a spot for yourself by the trees until work starts again, you can forget everything that you needed to do for one day and just stay there for the remainder of the day, or just moved past it and just wish you could be there. It is an interesting design idea to put green space in the middle of the city but at the same time the workers, who are supposed to be enjoying them and using them to forget about their jobs, are to busy working and not having any recreational time. The opposition of this place can't be removed or went around because everybody needs to go downtown at same point in time. I think that thinking about oppositions around us makes people more humane and as future designers this new insight allows us to go beyond what makes a pretty building but what also benefits the environment and the people that are going to live there. I believe not all people will agree with me but there always has to be an opposition.

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October 9, 2006


I was confused at the assignment at first but reading some of the other blogs I can up with a phenomena that affects millions of people everyday, immigration. This is something that is happening right down and nobody seems to know where it will end. Myself being am immigrant to this country, but now a citizen, know the tough times that come with moving away from home. Many people don't think much about the people that die everyday trying to cross to the United States and forget that their reason for trying to come here was their family. Many kids are left orphan, and many are left in the care of other relatives until their parents start making money and can afford to bring them to the United States. I find no crime in trying to find a better place and future for your family if your country can offer that for you. I think that the economy of the United States is run by immigrants and their work. It is also important to note that "Americans" were once immigrant too and the only real Americans are the Native Americans. This phenomena includes all of the things, frameworks , and clockworks we are talking about in class because of its complexity and because it affects our life in someway or another. I experienced some of the results of my parents leaving me and my brothers with my aunt and coming to this country and it is something that to this day I have not forgotten. The things are the people coming and the people left behind. It falls into the frameworks of what is better for this country, and the clockworks are that it is a never ending cycle because people want better futures for their families and they will keep coming no matter what the risks are.

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October 2, 2006

Genius loci

A place that I find meaningful is Soccer Blast. The spirit of this place is that of competition. Soccer Blast is a place where indoor soccer is played every weekend. The ceilings are high, the field is covered with a plastic fence to protect the spectator from the ball. The goals are incorporated into the walls and there are no outs, except when the ball goes higher than about the waist. When it is sometimes lighted by lamps, this is when you can feel its spirit come alive because you feel part of the place. You know where the goals are located and you know what you need to do inside the field and it looks small from the outside but once you step into the field it is a different feeling.
You feel that the field is very long, especially when you are losing. This place is associated with winning or losing, with becoming a champion or not even qualifying for the playoffs. Thinking that every time a new season starts it is a new hope for every team to see themselves in this very field playing the championship game. This place is like a new world in its self because once your inside nothing else matters but winning. Every player has a dream of scoring goals and winning first place. This place is a gateway to show another side of you that no one knows. This place gives many a gate to a better life, not just because if you are good you can get paid but because it keeps you out of trouble.This place, because it allows the spectator to be close, it triggers a emotion or a part of you that wants to get in there and play. Looking at it abandon, when no one is playing, calls you and drags you in it and creates in you a sense of competition and that you want to be the best.

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September 27, 2006

Design Issue

The design issue that grabbed my interest the most was that made by an author named Cranz. Are designers designing just a chair? or is it more than that? The idea that a new chair design can create a new idea of comfort and also create a well being for an individual is amusing. In her article she explains that the body and the mind are connected and if one suffers than the other one does too. The perfect pose for the body in a chair is hard to achieve and many designers don't bother with that problem. It is something new and something to think about because then your house was design in what ever way? or was it made a specific way to meet the needs of a particular group of people.
I think that the great thing about this is also that by creating a new design a designer can "speak" his thoughts through his work. I agree and would hope that more architects deal with the needs of the people than just making money. I think it is important to consider who will use it? it is comfortable? will they like it?. These and many more thoughts should be going through the mind of architects because they are setting the trend for the future. I like the idea that you can change the attitudes and beliefs of a society through your design and designers should take the extra step to meet the needs of the people.

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September 18, 2006

Midtown Exchange Center

How energy is defined in the Midtown Exchange Center are the people. The people in this place are the ones that create energy because of the coming in and out of the market. The surrounding area feels like it never sleeps because of the lamps and the cars that come around there. To create energy in this place you have to move around and look around the food stands and other stands. To use the energy here you have to get into the mood of the people that are exited for the market. To enjoy and feel the energy of the market you have to get an open mind and experience the many different things that the market has to offer.
Energy to me is what an specific place makes you feel. The Midtown Market feels and transmits the idea of people gathering and having a family day. Energy is formed when many people have the same ideas and share a common feeling towards that specific place. Being in the Market you feel the same curiosity as the people that are walking in the market. I think that the space helps energy to be exchanged between the people. Because there are many stores you feel that energy from all over not just form one place.

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