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Oppositions and Resolutions

I was confused about the idea of oppositions but after reading other peers blogs and looking deep into the meaning of the words I came out with an opposition. It is interesting to go downtown and see a piece of nature right in the middle of the traffic and congestion that goes on in the city. The opposition are the cars, the people, the busy life. The resolution to this problem would be to either run through the people and find a spot for yourself by the trees until work starts again, you can forget everything that you needed to do for one day and just stay there for the remainder of the day, or just moved past it and just wish you could be there. It is an interesting design idea to put green space in the middle of the city but at the same time the workers, who are supposed to be enjoying them and using them to forget about their jobs, are to busy working and not having any recreational time. The opposition of this place can't be removed or went around because everybody needs to go downtown at same point in time. I think that thinking about oppositions around us makes people more humane and as future designers this new insight allows us to go beyond what makes a pretty building but what also benefits the environment and the people that are going to live there. I believe not all people will agree with me but there always has to be an opposition.

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