In order to lock down a final product to be pitched to the "walleye tank", I needed to assess the PUGH chart. this process was very helpful, and is a tool I will look forward to using in future product design ventures.





cold weatherprotector.png

From the use of the PUGH chart as well as personal interest, I chose to use the cold weather face protector as my final pitch.

As you can see from the sketch, the elements of a face cover, goggles, beanie cap and scarf are combined to create one unit.

for a more "formal" representation of my idea, here's my elevator pitch!


Although I may be getting ahead of myself, there could be a potential market for "superhero" cold weather face protector, ie spiderman, captain america, iron man etc. these masks could even be modified for team purposes such as Goldy Gopher.



Creating new product ideas was a very fun experience. Seeing some of my favourites fall from the selection process was not. of the ten selected ideas, only five remain. here we have the ideas up for nomination


of the ideas, votes went as follows

Moose Minora: 6 yes votes, 12 no. Cost rang $20-25
the reason "i'm not Jewish" was the main reason for no, however hunters liked the idea of candles on horns and would like to see that option pursued further.

Weight gainer seasonal bar: 7 yes, 11 no.
most people did not have need for extra calories.

Holiday Yeti: 7 yes, 11 no.
Those who liked the idea wanted a variety of sizes, and did not want the yeti to replace the holiday tree, but be a supplemental decoration.

All in one scarf goggles hat: 12 yes 6 no.
many who said yes were moped riders.

candycane/peppermint coconut water. 5 yes, 13 no.
the idea of peppermint and hydration seemed to odd for most

Penguin Feet boots: yes 2, no 16
those who said yes, said so conditionally. "maybe if they were for a baby"

Eggnog Protein shake: 13 yes, 5 no
seemed to be a hit across demographics.

Seasonal weight maintenance bar: 16 yes, 2 no
I was informed this product already exists. which may be why people liked it so much.

Complete holiday healthy meal (rehydrate water, bar): 4 yes, 14 no.
those who liked the bar, liked the complete deal.

Treat Planner: 7 yes, 11 no
size was a constant question on this product.

The top 5 results in order of popularity
Seasonal weight maintenance, 16 yes votes
Eggnog protein shake 13 yes
All in one scarf goggles hat 12 yes
Holiday Yeti, Treat Planner, weight Gainer bar 7 yes.

with a tie for 3rd place, I opted to combine the Holiday weight maintenance and weight gainer into one product with 2 options. Moving forward, we not have our 5 products.


The first product in terms of popularity is that of a holiday health bar.
as I suspected, that bar already exists.
Therefore a new product in this regard would need to fill a niche that there is need for. The current cliff bar products for the most part are not the best tasting, but have good nutritional value. A new product could fit in if it were perhaps a better tasting, and cheaper variety. This would be easier for the weigh gainer bar than a weight maintenance one. seasonalcliffmatrix.png

For the eggnog protein shake, I found only one product. This was Moderately priced at $20, and the reviews on taste were generally favourable. In order to break into this market, I suggest a pre made ready to use shake, rather than powder a powder, although a powder option is still viable. the current way to get eggnog shake is make your own, or buy in powder form.

For the all in one scarf hat goggles, there was no such product I could find that encapsulated all the features. The closest two items were a motorcycle helmet priced from $200-2,000 and which lacked the scarf feature, and the beanie with goggles which lacked the face protection as well as scarf feature priced at $129

The treat planner is an offshoot of the daily pill planner already used worldwide. they are relatively small and inexpensive around the $3-10 dollar range. therefore the idea of a larger one will definitely be novel. the usefulness will depend on the customer, but there is a potential market in a large, slightly more expensive model "treat planner".

My personal favourite, the holiday Yeti is by nature a novelty. however, it is a novelty people are willing to pay for. a recent skymall advertisement had a 6 foot tall yet sculpture for around $2,000 and as I learned from the lovely people at 3M today, things in skymall are products that sell! it is with that in mind, we present the substantially cheaper, holiday yeti modelled after the light up santa or fake christmas tree.



for the cliff bar, the patent was quite easy to find, as were many other other "energy bars". also included were weight gaining bars that were for humans and other for animals. Improved taste energy bar: EP 1443829 B1
weight gain bar: WO 2006034570 A1

for the the eggnog shake, there is an existing patent according to the Spiru-Tein company, but i was unable to find it specifically, only it's general patent for protein shakes. I did find one eggnog protein patent, but other eggnog protein shake or protein powders did not seem to exist. Spiru-Tein shake: US 20080206430 A1

for the hat goggle scarf there were no existing patents I could find. the closest were as follows
Goggle attachment system for a protective helmet: WO 2012099631 A1
An eyewear assembly for attachment to a hard hat: EP 2366298 B1

for the treat planner, the pill planner it was based on was a similar patent.
Pill pen with a pill cutter and grinder: US 20130298408 A2

lastly, the Holiday Yeti was similar to an artificial tree, as well as a glowing santa.
Artificial christmas tree: WO 2009042096 A2
although the yeti does not necessarily have to be a lawn ornament, this patent is for similar products.
Decorative articles with dissimilar nestable parts: WO 2002030248 A1

Possible complications

When it comes to evaluating the possible issues with the products, each brings it's own unique challenge.

with the weight maintenance/Gainer bar there is already an established market, and one that could easily be viewed as over saturated. this means in order to break in to this market our product would have to offer something new or novel.
without being able to find a price for ingredients, I looked around for existing bars, and they ranged from $$1.00-$3.25

in the case of the eggnog protein shake, it would be difficult to found an entire company on the premise of one holiday drink. It may be best if the idea and perhaps rights were sold to an existing company such as muscle milk or powerade.
again, I was unable to find a list of ingredients to make a protein shake as far as raw ingredients go. In order to find an estimated cost I reverse did rough cost estimate in reverse. a 10 lb whey protein bag with 149 servings cost $185. that amounts to $1.24 per serving, divided by ten would be about 12 cents per serving. add in another 12 cents for 2 ounces of plastic for the bottle. total estimated cost per item of 25 cents, and therefore $2.50 per bottled shake

in regards to the all in one scarf hat goggles, hammering home the idea of complete protection from cold would be essential. it may be difficult to get people to break from what they are comfortable with but when confronted with the benefits they may be swayed.
estimated cost. 1 yard of fleece at $4 per yard, combined with a modified plastic for the lenses at 90 cents per pound. 10*(1*4)+(.9*.25)= $42.20 per item.

for the holiday treat planner, convincing people that this product will help them curb their sweet consumption is essential. it is a product that is more of a gimmick than a real need, so it must be billed as such.
estimated cost. 1/4 lbs plastic. 10*(.25x .9)= $2.20 per unit.

The holiday yeti falls under the novelty category again, but so do most Christmas decorations. promoting this product as a religion neutral yet holiday festive will be one of the strong points.
depending on the size, this Yeti would weigh from1-10 pounds. this item would be made of plastic and cotton.
10*(10*.9)+(1*.79)= $16.9 for a larger Yeti weighing ten pounds. and about half to a quarter of that for smaller ones.

All of these items estimated costs fell within the range the interviewed subjects said they would be willing to pay, and often times on the lower end.

Structured Idea Generation


Structure is not really my strong suit when it comes to designing or creating. I am very off the wall when it comes to creting so this structured idea generation was a bit of an adjustment for me. However I did find the parameters to be helpful at times. One of my biggest problems is that I often get stuck on where to start when it comes to creating new products or new anything.

Part I) one three, everyone... SCAMPER!!!
My theme was holiday diets, and one of the products my group introdiced was a seasonal protein/meal replacement bar. step one to modify the bar, SCAMPER it.

Substitute: seasonal bar to seasonal protein shake
Combine: combine bar and rehydration for complete "Holiday Meal"
Adapt: Regional flavors to the bars, IE Cranberries, rasberries, blackberies etc
Magnify: Make bars in larger format such as a pan
Put to other use: Use as a weight gainer/mass gainer rather than weight loss
Eliminate: Eliminate seasonal aspect to make for multi season use
Reverse: Make into liquid form rather than solid IE oatmeal

Part II) It' s Morphin' Time!

After identifying some new ideas, I decided to use a morphological analysis in order to create some alternate products I may not have done otherwise
The three strongest ideas I pulled from the analysis were as follows

Peppermint Rehydration Drink

Eggnog Protein shake

Super Seasonal Holiday Bar (Cranberry and Peppermint)

Part III) I then chose the blue sky idea session ideas of having a 'treat police' or 'treat alarm system' and combined them in to a weekly treat planner. Influence from existing weekly pill planner models was taken into account.

Part IV)

Lastly, we have the strongest ideas from the last few sessions, including a few from what we have used already. A combination of previous work and this past weeks resulting in the 10 ideas i feel are most viable as products.

The first six ideas i think are stringest come from this past creative exercise. Being in the midst of a holidy diet perhaps I am a bit more biased towards ideas that would benefit my current situation. as such my ideas are as follows,
first, the peppermint rehydration drink. since the picture is already posted, I won't expand the blog unneccasarily for this, or any other ideas from this week.
next i would like to include the eggnog protein shake.
i would also like to further the cause of the super seasonal 'healthy' bar, and similarly the full holiday meal.
I would also like to include the weekly treat planner, since treats are vital.
lastly from this weeks session, the weight gainer seasonal bar.

from previous sessions, we have the following
a novelty idea but still a good one, the moose minora

from the same idea session, the all in one face mask

sticking with the penguin theme, the penguin feet boots
next we have the replacement tree, holiday yeti

Although these ideas range from novelty to more realistic, I feel that in their own regard they are very viable options, and I would be ok with pursuing them further as well as feel confident defending them.

Brainstorm inbound


This latest assignment presented an interesting challenge in being a facilitator. I had grown accustomed to being more hands on during the creative process and it was tough for me to hold my tongue and let my creative team handle business. Although they declined playing a game, we all watched comedy central before hand so we were in a generally good mood. After I explained the process and stated the "how might we" question we were looking to address we began. the two questions we addressed were :

1) how might we enjoy holiday foods while being considerate of our overall health?

2) how might we fill a need for seasonal health supplements so athletes and those on very strict diets?

first off, lets meet the crew:

first off, we have window tinter and Cody.


next, we have 4 time all American and administrative assistant Zach.


coming all the way from the frozen tundra of Alaska, kinesiology major Randy.


last but not least, Deanna. she is a certified athletic trainer with a masters degree in athletic training. she is currently working as a clinical assistant.


since neither of these wonderful people consider themselves "artists" they opted to write down ideas most of the time rather than draw them. they also were very logical people, so getting them outside the box took a bit. here we see them hard at work.


after we had our ideas, we began the task of organizing them. through both exercises there were a two major themes that were prevalent, food, and habits.

all the ideas the team came up with

and here's the crew organizing the ideas they came up with.

I hereby acknowledge that we were supposed to post ideas in the one idea per picture format, however since these ideas were seldom visually represented, here are the top 10 ideas that came from the session.


to discern the results of our brainstorm, I will list the top 5 as they pertain to each question

for question 1, 'how might we enjoy holiday foods while being considerate of our overall health?' the top five ideas produced were
1) fat burning treats to help kick start metabolism
2) having sweet fruits and vegetables lightly drizzled with chocolate or icing
3) have an alarm system go off after you have reached your "treat limit"
4) designate a family member as the "treat police" to make sure people don't over eat
5) have smells that trick you into thinking you are full

for question2, 'how might we fill a need for seasonal health supplements so athletes and those on very strict diets?' the top ideas were
1) don't have holidays revolve around eating so much, ie, have a holiday walk
2) have a line of seasonal bars ie peppermint powerbar, sweet potato cliff bar
3) seasonal salad dressings such as pecan pie or gravy
4) candycane coconut water
5) seasonal jerkeys, ie pumpkin spice, sweet potato

there were a few outliers options i thought would make money, but i could not morally endorse, one being chewing tobacco with seasonal flavors.

This process was challenging, more so than i had thought it would be, but very interesting. I feel like the ideas my group came up with were mostly plausable, perhaps a bit too inside the box, but they went in thinking they were not creative, which is something we know is a bad idea to start off. I would like to utilize this strategy in the future to come up with new designs as well as problem solve my daily life as a home owner.

Observing Holiday Diets


The words "Holiday" and "Diet" do not normally go together, that is unless you are a wrestler such as myself. As such, I found this an appropriate subject to delve deeper into. I interviewed a variety of subjects, rangining from more experienced in their field to simply an elderly woman who has been through many holiday seasons.

the first step for my process was analyzing my diet during the holiday season. This proved to be relatively unfruitful due to the fact that I am an anomoly within my family as well as society as a whole. as I mentioned earlier, I am a wrestler and as such weight management is a large part of my life during the holiday season. In college I have fluxuated from as high as 184lbs to as low as 154. one can not safely do so without an accute understanding of their body and what they put into it. as a result, anaylzing my meal plan was not very fruitful as a reflection of the population of which i am a part of.

my breakfast is usually in here, protein shake or oatmeal. (the penguin is because it's the Holiday season)

since my personal diet, and that of those closest to me was as such, outside influcnce was needed. I began to think of where I could gain the most knowledge in the smallest ammount of time. I settled on the rosedale mall. It had everything I needed : random people, holiday cheer, food, people who sold things to make food, and people who wanted to sell me their food. I began where most Americans start their day, with coffee. however the line at carabou was long and I did not want to interrupt business by asking questions of the baristas. so after observing for a while I moved on.
the obervations i made at caribou were interesting though. Nobody in the dinning area had anything smaller then a 20oz beverage. in addition, there were no posted signs for caloric intake on the menu, just the tagline "back for the holidays" with the seasonal menu items.

the line here did not drop below 4 people deep, right up until closing

Next I ventured towards the relm of chocolate. Since I gave the good man at the chocolate place my word I would not mention his company by name, we'll just call it the chocolate place. The worker whom i spoke with notified me to some trends he noticed in his profession. he said people tend to endulge more during the holidays, and not feel bad about it. he also informed me that he wished the people knew more about what they were consuming so they would not ask questions of him such as "how do you work here and not weigh 400lbs?" he also noted that many purchases of seasonal items were asked for and bough in gift boxes such as chocolate covered cherries and peppermint. I was in the shop conducting the interview for a few minutes and during that time many many customers filed in and out making purchases. even after the store was technically "closed" customers lingered and made purchases.


next I stopped by GNC, to see what they had to offer. the woman behind the counter wasn't able to distinguish any hallmarks of the holiday season other than an infux in the requesting of peppermint oil. she also noted that the main reason people come into the store during any season is to lose weight. these people tend to be looking for more and more vegan options as well as less sugar/sugar subsitutes in their products.


a talk with a salesman in a department store revealed that people seem to be cooking for larger famalies during the winter months, and are buying appliances to do so. pressure cookers, deep fryers and steamers were the most sought after.

a refreshing view and one that resonated close to home was that of an elderly woman shopping with her daughter. This grandmother was recently diagnosed to have an alergy to gluten as did many of her family members. as a result she modified the family recepies in order to meet her famalies new needs. She was also cooking for a large number of relatives at this time, anywhere from 4-9 famalies depending on who all showed for dinner. she stuck to the traditional family diet stil however, making pies and ham for all.

from the data i collected and the experience I have had, people need a way to enjoy the holiday season, without the extras that come with it, wether that be extra gluten, sugars, or fats. although they may not notice or care, people over endulge during the holidays and often pay for it later. the conversation with the chocolate maker, elderly woman, as well as the GNC worker combined to give me this thought.

in addition, athletes, and people who are on more strict dietary regement need a way to enjoy the holiday seasonal treats. taking from the input i got from the GNC worker, "people are trying to lose weight in any season", as well as looking at my own personal life during the holiday season, i can see that there is a group of people who are missing out during the winter months. While in GNC i did not see any seasonal options. perhaps a peppermint protein powder, or pumpkin spice, at least call it a "seasonal blend" so those of us who can't partake in the usual festivities feel like more a part of the fun.

I found this experience far easier than I anticipated, and would actually like to do so me follow up interviews in the future in relation to this subject. and also look forward to the day seasonal protein drinks become a reality!

Assignment #2, fun and sketches


this assignment has to be one of my favorite of all time. I get to play, and then draw! that sounds fantastic to me. to begin my creative process, i chose to play one of my favorite games, the pokemon trading card game. since nobody in my house plays, nor thinks highly of the game I was forced to play against myslef. (a feat i am more than familiar with having done so many times over the years). batle.png

after the ferocious 4 way battle, I got to "work" on a mind map of winter.


although there were many connections that could be made, I chose to stay in the area of animals, apparel and foods.

the first sketch was that of a moose minora. a chanunaka themed festivity for the hunters out there


staying with the animal theme i thought of replacing the traditional christmas tree with a more neutral icon the yeti, giving us the holiday yeti, on which lights, ornaments and tinsel can be hung.


while thinking of the yeti, i thought of what keeps him warm and had the football game on. thus, the hairy football was born


continuing with the sports theme, I began to think of ways human locomotion and animal traits could be combined. in doing so human toboganning, in the style of the penguin came to be

tobaggin.png width="450" height="315" class="mt-image-none" style="" />

since penguins are my favorite animal, i decided to stay there for a bit and emulate their natural gifts. thus, a modification to the current snow shoe was made: the penguin foot boot.


one last penguin inspiration, having an all in one scarf, ski goggle, face cover and hat that keeps warmth in for extreme sports, or getting to class in Midwest winters


again in the sports and locomotion theme we have a snowboard that lays tracks of animals as it goes.


taking a bit of a left turn, I looked towards food and drink. Many of my roomates drink coffee regularly. with that in mind i came up with a jacket that acts as a camel pack. simply pour hot liquid in and it circulates throughout the jacket keeping you warm. the straw allows for handsfree drinking as well


sticking with coffee, what better way to enhance your holiday coffee experience than with two in one sweetener and creamer shaped like snow flakes!


last but not least, when you need to keep your coffee warm, simply place it in the snowman coozie with included top hat to keep the temperature just right.


that's all for today, I really enjoyed this process, and it is without a doubt one i will utilize in the future

Creative Cookies


It found it more difficult than I thought to come up with a creative cookie idea. It seemed that the power of the internet was almost too much information, as each new idea I came up with I found was already a know receipe. Cream cheese cookies, pumpkin pie cookies, smore cookies all fell by the wayside as I searched for something I could make my own. eventually I found a base recepie that involved oatmeal, a ingredient I had on over abundance of and chose to take the cookies in that direction.


Upon making the choice to customize oatmeal cookies I then sought out a way to make them unique. Another ingredient I had an abundence of was instant hot cocoa mix. I chose to subsitute the cocoa mix for sugar, and add pumpkin spice seeing as it was seasonal. Since I was not 100% sure the cocoa mix would be sweet enough as a subsitute, I chose to mix in chocolate chips, and M&M's both original and peanut.



upon baking and tasting I found the results pleasing. The recepie is as follows

1 cup butter
1 cup granulated sugar hot chocolate/cocoa mix
1 teapoon pumpkin spice
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 1/2 cups all purpouse flour
1/4 cups M&M's peanut
1/2 cups M&M's original
1/4 cups semi sweet chocolate chips


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