Assignment #2, fun and sketches


this assignment has to be one of my favorite of all time. I get to play, and then draw! that sounds fantastic to me. to begin my creative process, i chose to play one of my favorite games, the pokemon trading card game. since nobody in my house plays, nor thinks highly of the game I was forced to play against myslef. (a feat i am more than familiar with having done so many times over the years). batle.png

after the ferocious 4 way battle, I got to "work" on a mind map of winter.


although there were many connections that could be made, I chose to stay in the area of animals, apparel and foods.

the first sketch was that of a moose minora. a chanunaka themed festivity for the hunters out there


staying with the animal theme i thought of replacing the traditional christmas tree with a more neutral icon the yeti, giving us the holiday yeti, on which lights, ornaments and tinsel can be hung.


while thinking of the yeti, i thought of what keeps him warm and had the football game on. thus, the hairy football was born


continuing with the sports theme, I began to think of ways human locomotion and animal traits could be combined. in doing so human toboganning, in the style of the penguin came to be

tobaggin.png width="450" height="315" class="mt-image-none" style="" />

since penguins are my favorite animal, i decided to stay there for a bit and emulate their natural gifts. thus, a modification to the current snow shoe was made: the penguin foot boot.


one last penguin inspiration, having an all in one scarf, ski goggle, face cover and hat that keeps warmth in for extreme sports, or getting to class in Midwest winters


again in the sports and locomotion theme we have a snowboard that lays tracks of animals as it goes.


taking a bit of a left turn, I looked towards food and drink. Many of my roomates drink coffee regularly. with that in mind i came up with a jacket that acts as a camel pack. simply pour hot liquid in and it circulates throughout the jacket keeping you warm. the straw allows for handsfree drinking as well


sticking with coffee, what better way to enhance your holiday coffee experience than with two in one sweetener and creamer shaped like snow flakes!


last but not least, when you need to keep your coffee warm, simply place it in the snowman coozie with included top hat to keep the temperature just right.


that's all for today, I really enjoyed this process, and it is without a doubt one i will utilize in the future


That penguin scarf/hat/ski goggle look is friggin awesome. I would totally buy that. I really enjoyed reading your blog. My favorite part was how you walked the reader step-by-step through your thought process, and how you transitioned from one invention to the next. It gave a great picture of your creative thought process.

If there's one thing to think about for next time, I would be adding more color or drawing to your mind map (something I was guilty of on this assignment, too). Clearly you like drawing, so don't be afraid to draw out a couple of quick doodles on your mind map. It will make the map a more useful tool for you in the future, as you'll be able to go back and reference it in less time.

Great blog!

Pokemon! How great. I've never played it before, but I know people that do. I can see where it would get your brain thinking. Your mind map is very graphic, have you tried incorporating pictures/color? I admit, mine could have used more on this area too. One of my favorite categories was apparel also! I really appreciate that you put descriptions of your product ideas. Quite a few people didn't, but it's definitely useful. They are also quite humorous- the holiday yeti especially made me laugh!

It's awesome to see that some one is keeping Pokemon alive! What a throw back, I love it! This is a really unique way to start your idea generation process and it must have really got those creative juices flowing because your ideas are unreal! I think that your sub themes could be a little more specific and zeroed into the topics more that they stem from but the concepts of them do connect nicely and that is reflected in you silly cross products! My favorite is the holiday yeti, I actually laughed when I saw it because I thought it was chubakka decorated as a Christmas tree, very creative and out of the box and I love it. Maybe I need to start brushing up on my Pokemon trading cards game to get my own idea generation going from now on!

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