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This latest assignment presented an interesting challenge in being a facilitator. I had grown accustomed to being more hands on during the creative process and it was tough for me to hold my tongue and let my creative team handle business. Although they declined playing a game, we all watched comedy central before hand so we were in a generally good mood. After I explained the process and stated the "how might we" question we were looking to address we began. the two questions we addressed were :

1) how might we enjoy holiday foods while being considerate of our overall health?

2) how might we fill a need for seasonal health supplements so athletes and those on very strict diets?

first off, lets meet the crew:

first off, we have window tinter and Cody.


next, we have 4 time all American and administrative assistant Zach.


coming all the way from the frozen tundra of Alaska, kinesiology major Randy.


last but not least, Deanna. she is a certified athletic trainer with a masters degree in athletic training. she is currently working as a clinical assistant.


since neither of these wonderful people consider themselves "artists" they opted to write down ideas most of the time rather than draw them. they also were very logical people, so getting them outside the box took a bit. here we see them hard at work.


after we had our ideas, we began the task of organizing them. through both exercises there were a two major themes that were prevalent, food, and habits.

all the ideas the team came up with

and here's the crew organizing the ideas they came up with.

I hereby acknowledge that we were supposed to post ideas in the one idea per picture format, however since these ideas were seldom visually represented, here are the top 10 ideas that came from the session.


to discern the results of our brainstorm, I will list the top 5 as they pertain to each question

for question 1, 'how might we enjoy holiday foods while being considerate of our overall health?' the top five ideas produced were
1) fat burning treats to help kick start metabolism
2) having sweet fruits and vegetables lightly drizzled with chocolate or icing
3) have an alarm system go off after you have reached your "treat limit"
4) designate a family member as the "treat police" to make sure people don't over eat
5) have smells that trick you into thinking you are full

for question2, 'how might we fill a need for seasonal health supplements so athletes and those on very strict diets?' the top ideas were
1) don't have holidays revolve around eating so much, ie, have a holiday walk
2) have a line of seasonal bars ie peppermint powerbar, sweet potato cliff bar
3) seasonal salad dressings such as pecan pie or gravy
4) candycane coconut water
5) seasonal jerkeys, ie pumpkin spice, sweet potato

there were a few outliers options i thought would make money, but i could not morally endorse, one being chewing tobacco with seasonal flavors.

This process was challenging, more so than i had thought it would be, but very interesting. I feel like the ideas my group came up with were mostly plausable, perhaps a bit too inside the box, but they went in thinking they were not creative, which is something we know is a bad idea to start off. I would like to utilize this strategy in the future to come up with new designs as well as problem solve my daily life as a home owner.


First off, I think it's great that this assignment challenged you individually. Even though you wanted to participate, it's always good to be able to participate and to lead a group. I thought that your first "how might we" statement was put together very well. It makes sense and is easy to follow. The second one confused me a bit, I think I understand it but the language could have been played with more. It seems a bit thrown together and a little like it just randomly ends instead of being completed. Perhaps you could have said something like, "How might we fill a need for seasonal health supplements so athletes and those on strict diets can stay on track?"

I enjoy the ideas that your group came up with! I would get great use out of an alarm system that tells me when I'm "treated out." Even though you said they thought a lot "inside the box" I did think that the ideas were unique and different. Another thing that you might have been able to do differently was to redraw their ideas and take individual pictures. The picture is so far away that I get the gist of them from the list, but I'm not able to visualize much.

One other point that I would say is that because you are the facilitator, playing some sort of game even if it was something that you made up (ben if it wasn't really a game) would have been helpful. I think it might have gotten them outside the box more and it was part of the assignment. But, overall, you have all the information from the brainstorming session and 10 interesting ideas!

I think you did a very good job for your brainstorming assignment. First, I like how you changed from playing a game to watching a comedy. Actually, I think it’s a better idea not to play a game if no one really wants to otherwise it is kind of pushing and it may not be as effective as it should be. I think you made a good decision!! And I like the way you introduced your companies. It is nice. I appreciate that you made your effort to let your friends think outside the box and I see the process through the images. It must have been difficult. I think you documented every process very well.

One suggestion from me is, you might rewrite some of the ideas with images and post each idea separately if your friends could not really draw because for some people drawing is sometimes intimidating if one is not really good at it.

Overall, you documented each process very well with the use of many pictures.

I think the approach you took to the blog itself was very effective, I really liked how you introduced each person individually and gave us a little bit about their backgrounds and interests! It was good that you watched comedy central before the brainstorming session, but it would have been nice to see the participants step out of the box a little bit and do some sort of activity, even if its brief!
Another suggestion I would have would be to change your how might we statement about overall health to aim it more toward products.
Overall, it is very obvious that you took this assignment seriously, and got something out of it for yourself! I really appreciated how well you documented everything!

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