Structured Idea Generation


Structure is not really my strong suit when it comes to designing or creating. I am very off the wall when it comes to creting so this structured idea generation was a bit of an adjustment for me. However I did find the parameters to be helpful at times. One of my biggest problems is that I often get stuck on where to start when it comes to creating new products or new anything.

Part I) one three, everyone... SCAMPER!!!
My theme was holiday diets, and one of the products my group introdiced was a seasonal protein/meal replacement bar. step one to modify the bar, SCAMPER it.

Substitute: seasonal bar to seasonal protein shake
Combine: combine bar and rehydration for complete "Holiday Meal"
Adapt: Regional flavors to the bars, IE Cranberries, rasberries, blackberies etc
Magnify: Make bars in larger format such as a pan
Put to other use: Use as a weight gainer/mass gainer rather than weight loss
Eliminate: Eliminate seasonal aspect to make for multi season use
Reverse: Make into liquid form rather than solid IE oatmeal

Part II) It' s Morphin' Time!

After identifying some new ideas, I decided to use a morphological analysis in order to create some alternate products I may not have done otherwise
The three strongest ideas I pulled from the analysis were as follows

Peppermint Rehydration Drink

Eggnog Protein shake

Super Seasonal Holiday Bar (Cranberry and Peppermint)

Part III) I then chose the blue sky idea session ideas of having a 'treat police' or 'treat alarm system' and combined them in to a weekly treat planner. Influence from existing weekly pill planner models was taken into account.

Part IV)

Lastly, we have the strongest ideas from the last few sessions, including a few from what we have used already. A combination of previous work and this past weeks resulting in the 10 ideas i feel are most viable as products.

The first six ideas i think are stringest come from this past creative exercise. Being in the midst of a holidy diet perhaps I am a bit more biased towards ideas that would benefit my current situation. as such my ideas are as follows,
first, the peppermint rehydration drink. since the picture is already posted, I won't expand the blog unneccasarily for this, or any other ideas from this week.
next i would like to include the eggnog protein shake.
i would also like to further the cause of the super seasonal 'healthy' bar, and similarly the full holiday meal.
I would also like to include the weekly treat planner, since treats are vital.
lastly from this weeks session, the weight gainer seasonal bar.

from previous sessions, we have the following
a novelty idea but still a good one, the moose minora

from the same idea session, the all in one face mask

sticking with the penguin theme, the penguin feet boots
next we have the replacement tree, holiday yeti

Although these ideas range from novelty to more realistic, I feel that in their own regard they are very viable options, and I would be ok with pursuing them further as well as feel confident defending them.


All of your images would benefit from more contrast, and being set in grayscale.

For your scamper section, I wish you had included more ideas for each category. It feels like you just used the first idea you came up with for each, which led to them all feeling very similar. The ideas you got out of your table were a little more dynamic.

I appreciate that you described the ideas for the last section that came from other blog posts to add context. For the ideas that came from this post, it would be helpful to reiterate the sketches that you used earlier in the post.

I enjoyed the drawings, they illustrated the ideas very clearly. Overall, I think there are some decent ideas in there. I will sometimes eat protein bars, and I think a holiday theme is a great idea however you implement it.

I think for the scamper exercise, it would have been helpful to let us know what other ideas you came up with for each acronym. I think a list of ideas would have been very helpful in expanding the process. I did that, and while it was difficult, some of the better ideas came after I got a few out of the way.

I also would have liked if you repeated the pictures in the last gallery. Remember, while you are super familiar with what you have done, we aren't. Therefore, seeing them again isn't a nuisance, and without it, one needs to scroll back up to figure it out.

I really enjoyed how you took ideas out of your first session, and also explained them. I especially love the penguin feet boots. Pretty sure I would have loved those as a kid. The menorah is also a funny idea, particularly because it seems like fake deer heads are in style.

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