In order to lock down a final product to be pitched to the "walleye tank", I needed to assess the PUGH chart. this process was very helpful, and is a tool I will look forward to using in future product design ventures.





cold weatherprotector.png

From the use of the PUGH chart as well as personal interest, I chose to use the cold weather face protector as my final pitch.

As you can see from the sketch, the elements of a face cover, goggles, beanie cap and scarf are combined to create one unit.

for a more "formal" representation of my idea, here's my elevator pitch!


Although I may be getting ahead of myself, there could be a potential market for "superhero" cold weather face protector, ie spiderman, captain america, iron man etc. these masks could even be modified for team purposes such as Goldy Gopher.


Your online pitch was an impressively concise description of your product. I did find myself with some questions however (most of which you cleared up in your in-class pitch).
You don't mention your market or users your product is targeting. I also think it would have been worth the time to mention your idea for an optional "superhero" theme to expand the appeal to kids. I definitely know some children who would buy an Iron Man style face mask.
I think you could have further stressed the advantages of your design over previous designs. Your design is better, so let everyone know it!

Interesting idea! I think one thing to keep in mind is if this mask goggle set up could it be compatible with helmets? I also think the superhero aesthetic is a great idea for making it in the market.

Your presentation was quick and to the point!

I wonder if maybe you could interchange parts to make the mask more customization like being able to switch out goggles in case they break, or a sketch of how the superhero masks might look like just to really hit it home with the investors.

I love the idea and think that with some more work on the design it could be extremely useful, but I agree with the point hafte004 brought up about helmets. I understand that may not be your target demographic, and if so that is perfectly fine. Bikers are a relatively small portion of winter gear consumers. The only other question I might have is people with glasses, who do make up a substantially larger portion of your potential user base. I have glasses, and I often wear a ski mask and goggles. The ski mask is so tight that I have to take my glasses off before putting it on, then I put my glasses back before putting the goggles on. If the goggles were integrated into the mask, I can imagine having difficulty being able to put it on over my glasses, but I am sure that is a problem that is easily solvable with some further design iterations. Overall a really great idea and a very nice, to-the-point presentation.

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