Guns 'N Roses & Its Fans Anticipate The Next Minnesota Performance

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Guns N' Roses gained relative attendance at their 2011 Twin Cities performance in comparison to past performances, though not bad considering a struggling U.S. economy and recent album sales on behalf of the band.

The 11:15 p.m. Guns N' Roses concert was held on Sunday the 13th at the Target Center and had an attendance of 8,000 fans -only 1,000 down from the previous 2006 concert, but up by 4,000 from the 2002 show, according to the Star Tribune.

The Star Tribune went on to report that the only comment made by lead singer Axl Rose was made in reference to the previous 2006 show; "it was pretty rowdy our last time here," he said.

Rose retained his typical character: his famous 'shimmy shammy dance,' established by the Star Tribune, in addition to a black top hat, bandana, and wallet chain.

Guns N' Roses began the show with a bang but reduced to an atypical system that most rock musicians do not; Rose sought that an active, rowdy crowd would then prefer extended solos and cover songs, according to the Pioneer Press.

In addition, the band believed that its 3-year-old "Chinese Democracy" album, which didn't sell well in stores, would balance out the band's traditional, widely recognized tunes.

Guns N' Roses 2006 performance began with five hours of "mostly dreadful" opening acts before the main event, but this year's performance cut right to the chase; for the first hour, give-or-take, the Pioneer Press explained.

Nonetheless, by 1:55 a.m. Monday morning -during the band's performance of "Paradise City," one fan through a black bra at Rose; "One gets the sense it wasn't a gesture about sex as much as it was about sheer exhaustion," the Pioneer Press reported.

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