Cyber Safety During Online Purchases

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A recent survey conducted by the National Retail Federation revealed results showing that the average person will do 36 percent of his or her shopping via the internet, Kare 11's Diana Pierce reported.

Dan Hendrickson from the Better Business Bureau recommended some tips to avoid fraud and bogus purchases, and general habits consumers should embrace during the holiday season, provided by Kare 11.

Be cautious about sites that display quality graphics and low deals; "If it is too good to be true -it is, and you want to get out of there fast," Hendrickson said.

In addition, avoiding general search terms in search engines, and using common, known retail outlets to search for gifts will ensure safety. Also, check the privacy statements, look for the security lock during the act of a purchase made online, and always take note of the confirmation number that should be provided after a purchase.

On behalf of all consumers during the season of giving, keeping up to date with statements and balances, and avoid fishing : an email that claims to be from the credit card company and requests an account number due to an error during the online purchase.

Know consumers' rights; "After 30 days of an order online, you have the right to cancel and demand a refund," Hendrickson said.

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