Maple Grove Teacher's Experiment Disaster

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A methanol experiment conducted by a science teacher went south after four students were injured; three are in satisfactory condition, while one student remains at the Hennepin County Medical Center for further examination, according to CBS News in Minnesota.

This morning at Maple Grove Jr. High Dane Neuberger, 15, was rushed to the HCMC after his ninth-grade science teacher, Mr. Matt Anchor, had to tackle him with a fire blanket to subdue the flames when he caught on fire.

"I started screaming and he was on me fast to put the fire out and my shirt and face were on fire," Neuberger said, according to CBS News.

Though the sprinkler system and fire alarms didn't go off, police and fire units showed in an attempt to vent the classroom in order for the rest of the school to continue for the remainder of the day. The students in the science class were excused from school due to tragic incident.

"Thinking back, I can't even remember what happened," Neuberger said. "It was like I was in a video game or something."

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