Small Piece of American History Discovered

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World War Two documents that were recently discovered are authentic and honored by one may whose obtained them from the previous garage that they were stored.

Peter Linton Smith reporting for Fox 9 News interviewed John Bolander about the film, photos, and diary that Bolander shared in order to reflect on a significant part of American history.

"Today kids aren't getting the education that maybe I got, or even people a bit older than I did," Bolander said. "So, we can give them ten minutes of education on American history."

The various items from Dec. 7th, 1941 had been documented by Clyde Daughtry. Daughtry was assigned to the U.S.S. Argon along battleship row at Ford Island in Pearl Harbor.

Daughtry wrote about the sound of explosions and the need to document the first time the United States was attacked -through the lens of his camera.

"Bolander has been collecting small pieces of World War Two history for years," Reporter Smith said. "But this discovery may be one of the last first-hand accounts of that day," provided by Fox News.

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