Boundary Extension: Spot The Difference

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I was interested in more "false memory" phenomenons and found one called 'Boundary Extension.' This phenomenon is especially interesting because one can create a false memory within seconds. It is usually labeled as memory error, but it has to do with your mind remembering a scene or picture with different boundaries than originally seen. One way to test this is to look at two picture side by side. These pictures are identical except that one is slightly more zoomed in and cropped.

Example 1 ~


Seen side-by-side the difference can be automatically noticed, but if one were to look at these pictures back-to-back the memory of each would be the same. In this way the brain is creating a false memory. In the video below it shows how these pictures are perceived and you will be surprised to find yourself creating a false memory even knowing what to look for.

Example 2 ~

Boundary extension is suggested as a fundamental part of the process of visual perception; it is related to memory but is more associated with sight. It has to do with memory because memory is required to build a scene within the mind, but it occurs literally as soon as we view the scene.

I thought this phenomenon was quite interesting because it is something that basically everyone has probably done but never actually noticed.

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