She's Got Personality!

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5 years from now... I will remember the most about personality! I just found it so interesting that out of only 5 categories, everyone has such a unique personality. Even though you may meet somehow who is seems "exactly like that other friend," no two people are identical. I also found the actual categories interesting as well: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism. I liked learning about how each one affects people in different ways. When I took the quiz and it was discussed in lecture it was crazy how spot on it really was with my personality. None of my scores were surprising at all. I think the reason why the key factors about personality will stick with me so well, is that it's something you notice everyday. I can actually apply it to all of my friends, family, or new people that I meet. It gives another inside look to why people may do the certain things that they do. Maybe I will be more forgiving to those that I know have a lower score on conscientiousness. I also will remember personality because it is something that draws you into other people. Those that have more personality are usually more interesting and fun to be around, so I'll remember psychology when I see them!

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