Assignment #7


Pugh Chart

This is the Pugh Chart I did, because some of my products have very different functions I went with general feasibility, novelty, and marketability of the products themselves. As you can see below the Support Jacket, which is now called Support+ is the product that I felt was the best candidate to be pursued. I felt this way because the market share is pretty large, there is a clear need, and it would be the first of its kind. At least offered to the public.

Pugh Chart.jpg


This is a back support system created for users with bad backs and/ or over the age of 55 years. This acts like a normal back support system except along the spinal cord it has a mechanical assistance device to help the user bend over and stand back up again. The unit extends to let the user bend over slowly and then contracts with the user as they stand up again. This helps to relieve pressure from the lower back while the user is shoveling snow.

Back Brace.jpg

My Elevator Speech

Assignment #6


Through my group survey I discovered that my customers were looking for the relief of pain from having to use a manual shovel to discard snow from driveways and pathways. Through this the products that came through were tools used for this and one outlier being a glove for couples (Together Gloves, see previous posts).

An idea that was probably really useful was the Iron Man inspired suit that supports your body during snow removal. I figured because of the lack of technology around this sort of suit it would be close to impossible to create an affordable product from this. I changed this product to a back support system you use during snow removal. Other than that all the products are the same as the sketches in previous blog posts.

Benchmarking using 2x2 Clusters

Back Support System

Because there isn't something made specifically for this purpose I found back supports used in the healthcare industry. They ranged from simple supports to supports used in therapeutic applications.

The patent I found is Patent #WO 201106764 A1 which is a therapeutic back device used to support the whole back.

Approx. Manufacturing Cost = $33.28

The biggest concern with creating this product would be making it sturdy enough to support but flexible enough to be comfortable to wear.


Motorized Shovel

I used this 2x2 to compare with objects such as snowblowers and manual push shovel since they are most comparable.

I found a patent for a plow shovel Patent #CN 20228003 8U.

Approx. Manufacturing Cost = $46.00

The biggest concern with this is probably making people understand the cost effectiveness of this product. Meaning why buy this instead of a snow blower.


Ice Chipper Snow Blower Attachment

This originally started as a full snowblower with an attachment on it. I have since changed with because through my research I have discovered people would not purchase this solely because they already own a snowblower. So it makes much more sense to position this as an attachment to your current snowblower. I felt this was novel because the only ice chipper available is manual and causes a lot of strain to a person.

The 2x2 examines different tools used to remove ice build up in driveways.

This patent is for an ice chipper used in sport fishing Patent #CA 2353092 A1.

Approx. Manufacturing Cost = $4.20

The biggest concern with this is making it work without it damaging the surface under the ice.


Robotic Snow Blower

Because there is no actual snow blower robot I compared this to robotic cleaning devices and how this might stack up against them. This seems novel because there is no other on the market currently and would be very practical for users with disabilities, the elderly, or the rich. It could even be possibly employed by cities to clear roadways.

I found a patent that resembles a robotic base that would be similar in shape to the one used for this product. Patent #US 6523629B1

Approx. Manufacturing Cost = $55.20

The biggest concern is if this product could be able to handle all types of snow i.e. dry and wet snow.


Together Gloves

The outlier of the group, I choose to explore this one because there seemed to be interest in this silly little product because of its novelty. Its fun and a good way to hold hands in the cold! Think about pulling this out on a first date! Hah! Anyways there is a lack of nice, mass-produced gloves out there.

2x2 is comparing against comparable products.

No patent relating to a hand holding glove so I found a patent to a piece that holds gloves together.

Approx. Manufacturing Cost = $15.00

The biggest concern for this product is making it cost effective as I would need this to be mass produceable.


Assignment #5


This assignment was to create more concrete ideas that are more plausible and marketable than earlier assignments have produced. I choose to improve the snow blower, I wanted the tool to become easier to use or cheaper by replacing parts or materials.

This is my morphological analysis matrix that I used for my table. I choose three main components of the blower: moves snow, means of movement, and traction.
SCAMPER Table.jpg

These are some of the Ideas that came from it:

Snow Vacuum


Powered Shovel

Next I did my SCAMPER:

Solar Blower-Replaced gas power with renewable energy.

Combine: Ice Chipper Blower-This adds a chipper unit to reduce amount of hard snow pack, as well as ice.

Adapt: Hose Attachment-For this one I added a hose attachment to get soft snow off small areas the blower cannot reach because of weight, size, or user capabilities.

Roblower-Here is the Roblower essentially an robotic, Roomba like snow blower. You use a computer program to plan the route of your driveway so it doesn't work off sensors and it takes way less time to do its job. And you don't have to go outside to do it!

Put to Other Use: Wheelchair Accessible Blower-This makes it so a person using a wheelchair can blow their own snow. Basically its an attachment to a wheelchair and the user moves it using their wheelchair.

Eliminate: Shoveler-I removed the circular feed with a shovel that scoops it into a hopper to be blown away.

Reverse/ Rearrange:
Pull Blower-You pull this blower instead of push it.

After reviewing the blue sky brain storming I found these to be the best ideas:

Iron Man inspired snow suit. This basically supports your body so there is less stress to the joints and back which is where most of the injuries come from when shoveling.

These are called Snow Sheets, you put them over your roof and after it snows you pull off the sheet with the snow and your roof is sparkley clean!

My ten best ideas:

Snow Vacuum

Powered Shovel


Strength Enhancing Snow Suit

Together Gloves:

Heated Driveway
Heated Driveway.jpg

Ice Chopper Blower

Powered Shovel

Wheelchair Attachment

Snow Sheets

Assignment #4


For my brainstorming session I got a couple of my friends on campus together. Three were still in school and two have already graduated and live in places where they have to shovel snow.

The two HMW questions I asked were, How might we move snow with less stress to the body? And How might we remove snow from the roof of a house?

Before asking these questions i started with the improv games such as Zip. Zap, Zop, XXX are great because..., Look at me I'm..., and Barnyard Sounds. This got the energy going in the room and even though everyone knew each other it loosened them up to thinking outside the box. I then sat them in a circle and asked them my first HMW Question. I interrupted them halfway through to give them dark chocolate and a rolestorm sheet to help them think creatively.

IPM was kinda low about .6 IPM. I do not know why, it is perhaps because of the backgrounds they are from. Or they do not think creatively very often so they found it difficult to think of these things.

These are the best solutions:

This is a contraption that uses no engines or outside source of energy to operate. It scoops up snow in the mouth-like bucket and deposits it on the sides of the path. This also helps prevent giant snow banks too.

This idea simply heats the concrete or asphalt driveway to melt snow away and keep ice away from the surface of the path.

This contraption uses springs to shoot snow off the path over snow banks. It also helps to keep snow banks small.

This came from the rolestorming I did with them, somebody chose to make a snow shoveling Iron Man suit. It keeps the user warm and prevents stress to the body because of the suits power.

Here are snow removing tools you strap to your household pet. Whats better than you having to push a snowblower around? Having your dog clear the snow for you, just train them right and it'll do it all by itself!

These next five are from the second HMW question, How might we remove snow from the roof?

This attaches an escalator like system to the top of your house to just move snow off te top completely.

This idea is interesting, though the giant speakers on the top of the roof are impractical the idea that using vibrations would work well.

This idea uses a snow shovel conveyor belt to scoop snow down the roof onto the ground.

This is a pretty cool idea, heated shingles! Snow would just melt and never have a chance to build up.

For this idea it was like putting a tarp on top of your house and just pulling it down after it snows. Need some fine tuning but could work well!

Assignment #3


For this assignment I was given the topic of snow/ ice removal to research. I started by reading the Ethnology Primer and IDEO Bootcamp. I learned a lot from these two digital booklets, mostly about the process one takes in product design/ ideation. Some of the processes I've learned about for graphic design are similar to product design processes.

I interviewed three people and I always started with the question: What is your preferred tool to remove snow from flat surfaces. Out of the three people two of them were college students, one lived at home, the other at an on campus house. I choose to interview them because they both have to clear their own snow and they have lived in snowy places their whole life. The last one was a home owner from my neighborhood, who has lived in the area for 30 years and has grown up around the changing technology.

The two college kids said they preferred a shovel because it is easy to use, no maintenance is required, maneuverable, and inexpensive. From further questioning I realized that they didn't prefer a shovel but it is what they could afford. They would much rather have a snowblower to remove snow from surfaces, but only if it were a big area.

The older gentleman preferred a self propelled snowblower because it is easier for him to use because of his physical limitations and the fact that a shovel can be hard on his body. He said he uses a shovel when there is light snow or when he cannot get the snowblower into tight spaces.

Next I watched youtube videos of people shoveling snow to observe how they shoveled snow. The video below is a person form LA who has never shoveled snow in his life so he is completely new to the idea. I thought it was a good opportunity to watch a new person.

Lastly I searched for information on snow removal and came across this really cool info graphic!


One of the major problems is that people get hurt using shovels every year, but snowblowers are too expensive. So I need to come up with an inexpensive solution that doesn't put a lot of stress on the body.

Ice is also a major problem and can only be dealt with by salting (Which can be harmful to the environment) or chipping away at it (Which is strenuous work and can damage the surface underneath). So I need a to create a solution that isn't harmful to the environment but does not require a lot of hard work.

Assignment #2


For this assignment I started with the word map, obviously. I spent about 30 minutes on the initial word map, I then pulled out words from it and combined them on a separate sheet of paper.

I choose my best word combinations and started to create renderings of each word combination. This is the results:

This is a a combination of Soap and Boot, I created a wearable cleaning boot. Since shoes usually make the floor dirty these ones clean too!!

This is a combination of Garbage and snowball. It sucks in garbage and shoots it out like a snowball. Not exactly clean but hilarious!

This combines the warmth of gravy and a jacket to create the amazing Self-Warming Hot Cocoa Jacket, both delicious and warm! mmmm!

I combined family and hot cocoa for this one to create the Hot Cocoa Hookah, though a family probably wouldn't use a hookah. I used the idea of a family being together and a hookah is something you do with others,

Combining spoon and mashed potatoes led me to a handheld catapult that shoots mashed potatoes, although you could load it with any kind of ammunition!

Creating the Shower Glove involved combining the words shower and glove, and I thought of the shower in the sense that, that is where you clean yourself.

Here is a ski jacket, but not for you. For your ski!

Ever had cold hands and wanted someone to warm them up!? The Together Glove does just that just put your hand and someone else's in and you are warm and toasty!

Snowboard Spork a board you can eat with? Unconventional? Yes. Funny. Yes!

These are my funny products created for your winter fun!

Assignment #1


Creating new cookies was an experience! I have baked cookies before but only from recipes and boxes.

I wanted to create a citrus based cookie that had some sort of texture difference. Because I know most citrus cookies have a jam in them I wanted to make a jam-less cookie. I started by writing down different flavors that could possibly go together. After deciding my flavors I looked at original recipes to understand how cookies were made (aka ratios of flour, sugar, etc.). I then chose my flavors to experiments with, orange, pomegranate, milk choc, dark choc, and I would also mess around with the texture of the cookie. I went to buy supplies!

I then mixed different ratios of flour and sugar to create different textures and added in different flavor combos (orange, pom, choc, oatmeal, etc.). After baking a couple batches I came up with the perfect cookie. It was cakey, with a hint of orange, oatmeal for chew, and chocolate for sweetness.

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