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Assignment #1


Creating new cookies was an experience! I have baked cookies before but only from recipes and boxes.

I wanted to create a citrus based cookie that had some sort of texture difference. Because I know most citrus cookies have a jam in them I wanted to make a jam-less cookie. I started by writing down different flavors that could possibly go together. After deciding my flavors I looked at original recipes to understand how cookies were made (aka ratios of flour, sugar, etc.). I then chose my flavors to experiments with, orange, pomegranate, milk choc, dark choc, and I would also mess around with the texture of the cookie. I went to buy supplies!

I then mixed different ratios of flour and sugar to create different textures and added in different flavor combos (orange, pom, choc, oatmeal, etc.). After baking a couple batches I came up with the perfect cookie. It was cakey, with a hint of orange, oatmeal for chew, and chocolate for sweetness.

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