Assignment #1


Creating new cookies was an experience! I have baked cookies before but only from recipes and boxes.

I wanted to create a citrus based cookie that had some sort of texture difference. Because I know most citrus cookies have a jam in them I wanted to make a jam-less cookie. I started by writing down different flavors that could possibly go together. After deciding my flavors I looked at original recipes to understand how cookies were made (aka ratios of flour, sugar, etc.). I then chose my flavors to experiments with, orange, pomegranate, milk choc, dark choc, and I would also mess around with the texture of the cookie. I went to buy supplies!

I then mixed different ratios of flour and sugar to create different textures and added in different flavor combos (orange, pom, choc, oatmeal, etc.). After baking a couple batches I came up with the perfect cookie. It was cakey, with a hint of orange, oatmeal for chew, and chocolate for sweetness.


How many different iterations did you do and what were your mistakes? Is there orange chunks in them or did you use orange juice? What was the final recipe and what do they look like? I like that you included your background research and methodology. Further explanation of the process and results are necessary to get a better idea about the sweet morsel.

Jessica O

These certainly sound interesting, but I feel that visual aid would have been helpful. Also a recipe would have been easier to follow then sequential sentences describing your process. I look forward to seeing them in class today!

Alec O.

I agree that I would have liked to see pictures. What different results did you get when you tried different ratios of flour and sugar? How did the different flavor combinations taste, and why did you decide to go with the one you ultimately chose? I also would have liked to see the recipe. It sounds like you experimented a little, but I'm curious how many other idea you had before you settled on citrus cookies. They certainly sound delicious. I'm glad your first experience baking from scratch sounds like it was a success!

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