Assignment #2


For this assignment I started with the word map, obviously. I spent about 30 minutes on the initial word map, I then pulled out words from it and combined them on a separate sheet of paper.

I choose my best word combinations and started to create renderings of each word combination. This is the results:

This is a a combination of Soap and Boot, I created a wearable cleaning boot. Since shoes usually make the floor dirty these ones clean too!!

This is a combination of Garbage and snowball. It sucks in garbage and shoots it out like a snowball. Not exactly clean but hilarious!

This combines the warmth of gravy and a jacket to create the amazing Self-Warming Hot Cocoa Jacket, both delicious and warm! mmmm!

I combined family and hot cocoa for this one to create the Hot Cocoa Hookah, though a family probably wouldn't use a hookah. I used the idea of a family being together and a hookah is something you do with others,

Combining spoon and mashed potatoes led me to a handheld catapult that shoots mashed potatoes, although you could load it with any kind of ammunition!

Creating the Shower Glove involved combining the words shower and glove, and I thought of the shower in the sense that, that is where you clean yourself.

Here is a ski jacket, but not for you. For your ski!

Ever had cold hands and wanted someone to warm them up!? The Together Glove does just that just put your hand and someone else's in and you are warm and toasty!

Snowboard Spork a board you can eat with? Unconventional? Yes. Funny. Yes!

These are my funny products created for your winter fun!


Great post. I really liked that you scanned in your images. It made your blog clean and easily readable. I may have to try that for next time. I liked that you also just combined two words and made something with them, no matter what. A lot of your solutions were very creative!

Two very small pieces of feedback. The first one is feedback that I got on my blog as well, and I agree with what the commentors were saying. If you added color or some small animations to your mind map, it could really help make it pop. It would be much easier to go back and reference it if it was easier to see at a glance what was where. Second, it would have been cool to see you take some of these designs just one step further. Could you have tried something a little less literal with a few of them? For example, the shower + glove innovation. Why do people use showers? What do they use gloves for? Is there a what to combine those two forms and functions outside of just a glove that people use in the shower?

I did really like your drawing skills, and thought you made some really fun inventions, though. Nice post!

This is a good entry and I can clearly see that you really had a lot of fun doing homework. As all of your picture are clean with lots of explanation, they are super funny and might actually become real products.
However, I would love to know what you have done before starting to do these work. For example, what movie did you watch or what game did you play?
One more thing, for your mind map, it would help a lot more if you use picture as additional information for your words. From what I can see right now on your blog, I can't really read any of the words.
Your sketches are really good. I felt like you took Barry's class for sketching skills. Good work!

Awesome blog post. The scanned images make the products easy to see and understand. Although the drawings are in black and white and there are no shadows added, the way you drew the items (especially the garbage gun) make them see like legitimate products from the shelf, regardless of how ridiculous they are.

I think you might have strayed a little too far away from winter on your mind map. Also, as stated above, and I'm sure on many blog comments, color is always nice in a mind map. In the item photos, I feel like color would have taken away from the item, so that was a good call. The mind map is just kind of hard to read and follow.

Good innovation. Keep working on combining the use of the item rather than just the literal object in a mashup.

Also, wondering what you did before the mind map to get in a creative mood? Did you play a game or watch a move?

You already have 3 comments... but I'm supposed to comment on your blog, so I will! Your product design sketches look very nice. They're clean and easy to read/understand which makes them look professional. (Good job haha) Quite a few of the ideas are pretty awesome too! I can tell you put a lot of thought into them. Your mind map looks like it makes a good use of the space and the correlations are easy to understand. It would be great to take it a step further and add some color/visuals to make it quicker to read. Also, what did you do for fun? I'm guessing you just forgot to put it in the blog. I'm excited to see what else you come up with!

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