Assignment #4


For my brainstorming session I got a couple of my friends on campus together. Three were still in school and two have already graduated and live in places where they have to shovel snow.

The two HMW questions I asked were, How might we move snow with less stress to the body? And How might we remove snow from the roof of a house?

Before asking these questions i started with the improv games such as Zip. Zap, Zop, XXX are great because..., Look at me I'm..., and Barnyard Sounds. This got the energy going in the room and even though everyone knew each other it loosened them up to thinking outside the box. I then sat them in a circle and asked them my first HMW Question. I interrupted them halfway through to give them dark chocolate and a rolestorm sheet to help them think creatively.

IPM was kinda low about .6 IPM. I do not know why, it is perhaps because of the backgrounds they are from. Or they do not think creatively very often so they found it difficult to think of these things.

These are the best solutions:

This is a contraption that uses no engines or outside source of energy to operate. It scoops up snow in the mouth-like bucket and deposits it on the sides of the path. This also helps prevent giant snow banks too.

This idea simply heats the concrete or asphalt driveway to melt snow away and keep ice away from the surface of the path.

This contraption uses springs to shoot snow off the path over snow banks. It also helps to keep snow banks small.

This came from the rolestorming I did with them, somebody chose to make a snow shoveling Iron Man suit. It keeps the user warm and prevents stress to the body because of the suits power.

Here are snow removing tools you strap to your household pet. Whats better than you having to push a snowblower around? Having your dog clear the snow for you, just train them right and it'll do it all by itself!

These next five are from the second HMW question, How might we remove snow from the roof?

This attaches an escalator like system to the top of your house to just move snow off te top completely.

This idea is interesting, though the giant speakers on the top of the roof are impractical the idea that using vibrations would work well.

This idea uses a snow shovel conveyor belt to scoop snow down the roof onto the ground.

This is a pretty cool idea, heated shingles! Snow would just melt and never have a chance to build up.

For this idea it was like putting a tarp on top of your house and just pulling it down after it snows. Need some fine tuning but could work well!


I really liked both of your "how might we" statements. They were both very straightforward but weren't constricting to your group which was good! I like the ideas that your group came up with, even though some were missing titles and the name of the creator. You might have been able to stress the importance of the titles, larger drawings, and names as the facilitator.

I also think that it was a good idea to have people from a variety of ages and backgrounds! But I think you should tell us about them! You said that the IPM may have been low because of their different backgrounds and this would be more clear if we knew what those were. You also didn't include a game that you made up which was part of the assignment as well. Overall, I think the ideas are creative and I would totally want the "Snowman Suit!" I'm always freezing in the winter!

Your descriptions under each design were nice, they were short but still described what we needed to know! Your HMW statements I felt were good, I liked the variety between the two. It would have been nice to see your problem statements thought as well to compare and see where you got these HMW statements from. It also would have been nice, where you talk about your ideas per minute, to know what backgrounds your participants came from to go along with why their score is so low. I love the speakers on the roof idea, very creative and outside the box!

Good idea thinking of people who either live here, or live in places where they still have to shovel snow. It helps get more ideas when the people participating have experience in the area, and know what they like and don't like about it. I also really appreciate the sketches and descriptions that go along with each one, it makes understanding the ideas very easy, and your how might we statements seem direct but not restrictive, nice!
It would be nice to see more process work, maybe pictures of the people that participated and some photos of when they were coming up with ideas and/or playing the games. This would help to visualize your process a little better :)
Overall, you followed the assignment well, and seem to make a good facilitator! Great ideas!

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