Assignment #5


This assignment was to create more concrete ideas that are more plausible and marketable than earlier assignments have produced. I choose to improve the snow blower, I wanted the tool to become easier to use or cheaper by replacing parts or materials.

This is my morphological analysis matrix that I used for my table. I choose three main components of the blower: moves snow, means of movement, and traction.
SCAMPER Table.jpg

These are some of the Ideas that came from it:

Snow Vacuum


Powered Shovel

Next I did my SCAMPER:

Solar Blower-Replaced gas power with renewable energy.

Combine: Ice Chipper Blower-This adds a chipper unit to reduce amount of hard snow pack, as well as ice.

Adapt: Hose Attachment-For this one I added a hose attachment to get soft snow off small areas the blower cannot reach because of weight, size, or user capabilities.

Roblower-Here is the Roblower essentially an robotic, Roomba like snow blower. You use a computer program to plan the route of your driveway so it doesn't work off sensors and it takes way less time to do its job. And you don't have to go outside to do it!

Put to Other Use: Wheelchair Accessible Blower-This makes it so a person using a wheelchair can blow their own snow. Basically its an attachment to a wheelchair and the user moves it using their wheelchair.

Eliminate: Shoveler-I removed the circular feed with a shovel that scoops it into a hopper to be blown away.

Reverse/ Rearrange:
Pull Blower-You pull this blower instead of push it.

After reviewing the blue sky brain storming I found these to be the best ideas:

Iron Man inspired snow suit. This basically supports your body so there is less stress to the joints and back which is where most of the injuries come from when shoveling.

These are called Snow Sheets, you put them over your roof and after it snows you pull off the sheet with the snow and your roof is sparkley clean!

My ten best ideas:

Snow Vacuum

Powered Shovel


Strength Enhancing Snow Suit

Together Gloves:

Heated Driveway
Heated Driveway.jpg

Ice Chopper Blower

Powered Shovel

Wheelchair Attachment

Snow Sheets


I like that you briefly described the assignment in the beginning of the post to give some context to your content.

I really like how cohesive all of you images are, and I think that the use of red pen really helps them jump out from your text. All of your sketches are really clean and detailed.

You have good hierarchy defining all of your sections, which makes your post easy to follow. In the last section, you could have added a little context to the ideas that came from previous weeks.

I thought that you did a good job with your drawings. All of them are well drawn and look really clear. I'm wondering what kind of pen you use!

It would have been nice to see if you had other ideas during the scamper session. In my experience, most of the ideas I really liked weren't the first ones I came up with. However maybe you did come up with a few and didn't document it in the blog. I especially liked your snow blower roomba, and I think the iron-man suit would have potential in other areas too, like for movers and the like.

I also noticed you doubled up on a picture of the snow vacuum in your scamper and matrix. I'm not sure if it just fit both or if that was an accident, but it's something worth checking.

I think you did a good job. Your post was clear, detailed, and easy to understand. You hit on all the points in the assignment well.

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