Assignment #7


Pugh Chart

This is the Pugh Chart I did, because some of my products have very different functions I went with general feasibility, novelty, and marketability of the products themselves. As you can see below the Support Jacket, which is now called Support+ is the product that I felt was the best candidate to be pursued. I felt this way because the market share is pretty large, there is a clear need, and it would be the first of its kind. At least offered to the public.

Pugh Chart.jpg


This is a back support system created for users with bad backs and/ or over the age of 55 years. This acts like a normal back support system except along the spinal cord it has a mechanical assistance device to help the user bend over and stand back up again. The unit extends to let the user bend over slowly and then contracts with the user as they stand up again. This helps to relieve pressure from the lower back while the user is shoveling snow.

Back Brace.jpg

My Elevator Speech


I thought your pitch was pretty good overall. You do a nice job of establishing the need and market your product would address. My biggest question after the pitch was "How does the product work?" I'm not sure if the device has a power source to provide the energy needed to straighten, or perhaps some sort of mechanical advantage to make bending easier for the user. A clear graphic or a description of an analogous product could help answer some of these questions.

First off I think my mom would really appreciate this idea, she has had some pretty bad back problems so anything to relieve her while gardening would really help. I think your product would be much more convincing if you did more research into the mechanisms. Even if you don't know the best having a list of potential mechanisms you could research further would have sounded more grounded in fact. I also think you could have cut down on your online pitch by talking about potential mechanisms instead of saying you don't have the experience to research the mechanism, it would have shown more passion in your project. Otherwise I really like the idea.

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