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The Things We Phénomène (Blog 5)

[The Things We Phenomenon]

Why do personal values of things very so much throughout the world?

People who are exposed to fame and riches through the media eventually want what they see. Even if they are not directly around advertisements or see actors and pop-stars, the influences of other people (friends, admirers, even family), can shape our opinions towards things. In a country such as America, where material value holds much more importance than other countries, we must learn to omit our passions for the biggest and best, and settle for just enough. Right now the major framework of America, seen by others, is not in our political system or our patronage, but our values and beliefs. We must realize that we are in an endless clockwork of valuing the wrong things. When others see life and survival, we see social class and disadvantage. Others value family and homage, while we value our laptops and cars. Others are humble with money, while we brag of our paychecks. Does the word VALUE even have the same meaning to us anymore?

How can we break this lifeless clockwork of American desire?

Shouldn't the phenomenon of life be enough?

Phenomenon- Complex systems comprised of little things. They have a purpose or destination of some type. (Ozayr Saloojee)

Big Bang

Everyday we make decisions.- What socks to wear, What shirt to where, What to have for breakfast, To brush our teeth, To pay bills, To shop.. To go to work.. To go to school..

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone were able to choose?

Everyday throughout the world kids choose to skip school, while some kid may not even know what school means.

This has to change.

The challenges for primary educational development in Africa are reflected, in terms of both causes and effects-

Almost 50per cent of countries may not attain the goal of universal primary education by 2015; nearly 40 million children are not going to school.

Illiteracy among individuals over the age of 15 stands at 41 per cent; gender disparity in education prevails in 75 per cent of countries.

[This comprehensive study of education in Africa examines the state of education in 49 countries and covers the 1998-1999 academic year, providing a snapshot of all levels of education from pre-primary to tertiary. It is published by UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS). http://portal.unesco.org/education/en/ev.phpURL_ID=31059&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201.html]


This website (above) has some information on goals and projections of the Millennium Goal already listed on it, but it shows little information on what they have planned to do about it. I propose a mass brainstorm to help generate ideas for primary education, especially in Africa. If anyone has any ideas of policy that could help lead Africa in the right direction, pleas, feel free to RESPOND TO THIS MESSAGE.