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Ozayrs Crazy.. Look his arms are so hairy!

Will someone please explain to me the reason for these blogs? I have spent hours on blogs 1-5, just to get one of my blogs posted on the big screen in front of everyone else. I don’t know what Saloojee is up to making us all compete like this. Here I am up way past my school-night bedtime, just hours before a huge mid-term in Arch-history, writing my thoughts on a stupid imaginary ‘Internet page’. I come to class everyday on a bus, and walk by poor stuffed animals on the way in an old creepy opera-style lecture hall. The lights are dim and impractically romantic. The prominent T.A.’s sit amongst each other near the professors perfectly positioned podium. A fine-looking T.A. greets the class with a pleasant Mr. Roger performance. The girls giggle with glee. Professor Ozayr, if not already present, walks in bearing books and a curious colored Macbook. The adorable, yet, futuristically-scary picture of Ozayr’s daughter greets the class again on the big screen. About this time “annoying dude? walks in late and sits directly in font of my view of Ozayr, contributing to my discomfort with the space around me. My senses are dulled by the annoying obstacle, and my inspiration from Bruno Zevi rises. Sometimes if were lucky we are graced with momentary brain shutdowns while Ozayr reloads the batteries on his mic. or the light on the overhead seizes to shine. We absorb the words and sounds we here. We deal with distractions: T.A. suspenders, crazy Halloween pumpkins and Dicaprio sprints down TWA terminals. We are told to memorize, idealize, speculate, and articulate, while showing creativity and brilliance. We are asked to reflect our thoughts as people living in an environment. We documented and investigated, through text and image - the idea of energy, flow and transformation through the city. We’ve found social-design issues, documented them, and become advocates for them. We’ve proposed sets of images, quotes and play lists of songs that influence our values. We’ve described real and imaginary places where we weren’t held down by the restraints of the architecture program.

I ask then… “Why now request us to research project layout designs?? Is it a an approach to keep these posts purely hypothetical.? Is there any reasoning behind Ozayr’s madness?

The next day…

After my exhausting mid-term, I have spent many wondering minutes of thought thinking about this blog. I must say Professor Saloojee, you are not as hairy as one would come to suspect. Your methods are as smooth as a baby’s bottom, as clear as H2O, as sure as me at the bar this Friday night. I have come to ask myself only one question based on the content of this class; “Is design political?? In Jennie Winhall’s essay titled Is Design Political? She makes distinct relations between politics and design. She states; “Design is political because it has consequences, and sometimes serious ones. The power of designers is that we can design things to have different consequences? (Winhall, Is Design Political, p. 2).

Can we relate our class project to this? [Is it possible to better select our future consequence based on something as simple as the design layout?]
Never before have I related design with psychological purposes so much.