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Volunteering 4/21: The youth of 2K

Well another day in the land of punishment. I did the same boring programing stuff i have been doing all along.

To paint a picture for you;
I sit on a cheep folding chair, in a room with no outside windows, pushing buttons on a board attached by a cable to a screen that flashes less than thirty times a second. Can it get anymore unnatural?

I hate this stuff. How in the heck are kids gona get through it? I would be so mad if my parents put me in this/any after school program. These kids are young, 10-14, they should be outside playing, instead this industrial society has them moving around inside renovated churches, reading old books under dim lighting and spending precious minutes of free time pushing buttons on a board attached by a cable to a screen.

It is exactly these types of situations that make me dream about the past.

Alas, only one more volunteer session to serve... and one lifetime thousands of years past due...