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May 6, 2008

last and final blog- [evaluation of two presentations]

[notes, followed by reaction]
4/30 (In discussion)

Goal 1-
Haiti [Feed my starving Hiatians]

What exactly is poverty?

33% people die due to poverty causes
War, Poor Government, Crime, Overpopulation, Lack of Birth Control, Healthcare

One of the poorest countries (146 of 177)
Proportion below $1 a day
Poverty Gap Ratio
Better Employment Ratio

Environmental destruction
60% trees 1925 5% now

Mud Cookies

Feed my starving children (realm of response)- Christian organization (don’t have to be Christian to participate or receive food- just Christian values)
Brooklyn Park, MN
Ships meals to more than 50 countries throughout the world
Chicken flavored rice package

--- I really enjoyed this presentation. I think it is really neat that the group was able to research a local organization fighting for a non-local cause. After the presentation there was some questions on the benefit of such food dispersal, accusing the organization of not attacking the main cause or issue. The group quickly rebutted by explaining the benefit of this type of relief on the organizations that are actually focusing on a more political/procedural approach to the hunger goal. I feel that this group was well researched and very much aware of the issues and solutions to hunger in Haiti.
5/1 (Honors presentation in Lecture)

Goal 8- Brock and Kelly Burglund
Somalia [Development of communication technologies in Somalia]

Mobile communications
Wireless Internet

Mobile phones popular
Farmers can connect market to market to check prices- automatic text messages
Check stock and availability
Shorter travel time- due to communication

Cute little green computers
Energy fuels development
Sustainable solutions for developing nations
-Solar panels

Important to expand technology

--- This group gave many indicators and examples, however I feel like they did not research cause and effect of such expanding technology. How would Somalia benefit from such technology? Economically, job market, education, political power? Maybe it is just the difference in group sizes between the presentations but I kind of feel like the information presented to us here was common knowledge.