February 5, 2008

Sticks and Stones and Village Homes: Life and Death All Around Us

Andy Goldsworthy watched each one of his works get destroyed before his eyes; stick wind catcher, stone piles, beaver dam, icicles. I felt a strong relationship between the destruction of his art and the ways he talked about the people in his village, in Scotland. He said that the old lady saw "only the life," while he sees "only the death" of the village people. He mentioned a lot about how you could not ever feel the entire culture of his village unless you have lived your life in it. This is similar to the first reading for our class when it was explained to the graduates that life is a learned experience and could never be told. Andy Goldsworthy also relates to this again when his stone structure kept falling and he said that with every failure, he learns more and more about the rocks.
I liked the curvy brick wall and how it disappeared in the water and came back out strait on the other side. Andy Goldsworthy resurrected the lost stone wall. The curveyness resembled the physical characteristics of the land; the windy river etc.