December 3, 2009

Champion of Life

Being a Champion of Life is many things to many people. This site is dedicated to the Coaches and Athletes that are not only in it to Win it, BUT to Live it and Be it. What is "IT"?

"It" is a Champion of Life who has taken the opportunity to gain and learn from one's personal experiences.

Wrestling in its basic element is a competition of making choices. If you make bad choices you could end up on your back, if you make a good choices it could be the difference between being a State Champion or a National Champion.

No matter whose hand is raised at the end of the match each wrestler has the opportunity to accept the results as personal experience. The more matches you wrestle the more decisions you have to make and the more decisions you have to make the more exprerience you gain.

It doesn't matter your age, physical abilities or skill level. Every match is a risk and a complex chain-linked pattern of decisions.
These decisions allow you to learn and from learning comes life lessons.

This site is dedicated to the outstanding young men that dedicated themselves to learning life lessons through the sport of wrestling. This site is dedicated to Champions of Life such as:
Ryan Eckdaul, Joe Slaughter, Tim Erkel, A.J.Dombeck, Pete Keding, Andy Strand, Colin and Mike Shaughnessy and many others that have made me a better coach and person.

In true pedagogy of learning, it was not the Coach that taught these young men so much, but it was the Athletes that taught the Coach valuable life lessons which are passed on and on into the future.
This site is dedicated to all those who are striving to be Champions of Life.

Becoming a Wrestling Warrior

Learning what it means to be a Wrestling Warrior. - by Tex Ostvig (Section I)

A Warrior - A person engaged in a struggle or conflict.

Developing Mental Fortitude to become a Wrestling Warrior
What is Mental Fortitude - Mental deals with the power of the mind that comes from emotional and intellectual past experiences. These past experiences provide knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Fortitude is the strength of the mind to overcome pain and adversity with courage.

"Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.". - Sun Tzu -6 B.C. Military Leader

A) You must tell yourself that you can win. You must visualize yourself winning before you even wrestle your match. You must build confidence in who you are and what you can do. You must believe in your capability to perform at your highest level of excellence. With confidence comes Courage and with Courage comes Success.

"Confidence is about who puts it on the line, who has the courage to compete like a warrior without fear of failure" - • Jerry Lynch

October 20, 2009

Focusing on the Five Strengths of Athletic Growth

A successful and engaging coach/coaching staff needs to support student athletes in five areas of youth development. Each area shall be discussed and reviewed. It is the goal of my graduate project to build upon and research how coaches can honor Strengths and improve any Weaknesses into Strengths. The areas of focus at this point include:

Mental Strength
Emotional Strength
Physical Strength
Social Strength
Spiritual Strength