At this point we are so grateful for all of those that have made 3-6 month advanced arrangements.  We are excited for a new year of new activities and programming in 2013.
Remember we are a year around service and we also take reservations a year in advance.  
We also have our Campus 2 Kids program in the event you are not able to visit campus we will come and visit you at your school. To learn more please email ostvigwt@umn.edu.
At this time, there is still no cost for the services that we provide which may include classroom presentations, visits to laboratories, motivational speakers, or other on campus activities.
Please send all requests to uconnects@umn.edu - Because of such a large amount of requests per year Visit Requests must be made 30 days in advance.  If requests are made less than 30 days they may be rescheduled because of space, staffing and logistics.
For visits to campus please include the following:  
1st. 2nd, and 3rd dates of choice, 
Arrival and Departure times, 
Number of Youth, 
Grade of Youth,
Number of Adults, 
Your school or organization and which area of campus you would like to visit (East Bank, West Bank, Carlson School of Management or St. Paul Campus).  

Here is a sample agenda.

9:30 Arrival East Bank Northrop Auditorium
9:30-9:45 - Travel to Classroom Space
9:45-10:45 - College is Cool Interactive Activities and Video (Youth will do problem solving puzzles as well as be shown the value of higher education as well as future careers available.) The will be a "Discoveries of the University" video as well.
10:45-11:00 - Restroom Break
11:00-12:00- May include one of the following: an Aerospace Activity, Exploring Campus, Goldy's Game Show, Student Panel, Goal Setting, Leadership training and others.
12:00 - 12:15 - Travel to U of M Dining Services
12:15-1:00 - Lunch 
1:00 -1:30 - Students Stories Activity, final wrap up and evaluations.
1:30-1:45 - Travel and load bus
1:45 - Departure from Centennial Hall

The following are all our lunch options to be paid for by the visiting schools.  

Option One: All you can eat buffet in Centennial Dining Hall can be purchased at $6.00 per person. (Subject to change)

Option Two: Meal plans ranging from $5.00-7.00 can be arranged at Marketplace Student Cafeteria in Coffman Union.

Visiting schools are responsible for roundtrip transportation and lunch costs.

Once a date has been filled, school names will be added to this blog on an on going basis.

Please feel free to visit the following link to learn more about KOC and the messages we strive to give to all the youth that visit.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve our program and your visits please contact the U Connects/Kids on Campus program at uconnects@umn.edu

Best to you and yours.
KOC Staff (Tex, Juavah, and Staff)

Because of nearly 50 requests or more per year, ALL Visit Requests must be made 30 days in advance.  If requests are made less than 30 days they may be rescheduled because of space, staffing and logistics.
After four years of programming and 20,000 youth served, the following dates have proven the best days for access to campus space, resources and availability of faculty/staff and student volunteers.  If needed special days can be requested and will be handled on a case by case situation.

We also take reservations a year in advance, so if are not able to get on our schedule this year, please contact us for next fall 2013.  
We also offer an on-site program where we will come to your school.  This program is our Campus to Kids program.  These visits are conducted in the afternoons after 12 noon on Mondays and Thursdays unless otherwise noted.  Session are conducted in 50 minute slots but can be adjusted to meet your schedule.  Session that are provided for Campus 2 Kids include a selection of one of the following options:

A) Education Today and Beyond - Exploring the value of Higher Education
B) Leadership Development - Today and Tomorrow
C) Goal Setting - Reaching for the Stars and our Dreams
D) Time Management - 86,400 Reasons to make today and everyday count
E) Team Building - The Power and Wonder of Teamwork


Nov. 4 - Nellie Stone Johnson (40/7th) Get Ready
Nov. 6 - Isanti Middle School (180/8th) CSOM
Nov. 11 - Zanewood Community School (50/6th) 
Nov. 13 - Hopkins Middle School (100/6th)
Dec. 7 - Eastern Heights (54/4th)
Dec. 18 - Sunrise Park Middle School (44/8th)

Jan. 7 - Alice Smith Elementary (80/6th)
Jan. 11 - Highwood Hills (48/6th)
Jan. 13 - Park Brook Elementary (75/6th)
Jan. 15 - Farnsworth Aerospace (90/6th)
Jan. 29 - Forest Lake Schools (305/7th) 

Feb. 3 - Farnsworth Aerospace (82/8th) Gold/St. Paul
Feb. 5 - Farnsworth Aerospace (82/8th) Maroon/St. Paul
Feb. 10 - Cherokee Heights (44/4th) 
Feb. 12 - Plymouth Middle School (48/7th & 8th)
Feb. 16 - Parkbrook Elementary, Sojourner Truth Academy, Harvest Prep/BEST Academy, Maxfield Elementary, Richard Green Central Park and WISE Charter School
Black History Month Essay Contest/U of M Athletics Event (500/5th&6th)
Feb. 17 - Cherokee Heights (30/6th- Ehlers)
Mar. 10 - Maxfield Magnet (40/6th)
Mar. 11 - Farnsworth/Cleveland (200/7th)
Mar. 16 - Hancock-Hamline (80/6th)
Apr. 12 - Partnership Academy (25/3rd-6th)
April 16 - Nellie Stone Johnson (45/4th)
April 23 - Frost Lake (88/6th)
April 26 - Anderson Academy (135/4th) - Get Ready
April 27 - Nicollet Junior High (250/8th)
April 29 - Lucy Laney (45/6th-8th)
April 30 - Green Central Park Community School (65/4th) - Get Ready

May 3 - Jackson Magnet School (58/5th)
May 5 - Battle Creek Elementary (82/6th)
May 6 - Sunrise Park Middle School (40/8th)
May 7 - Barack & Michelle Obama Service Learning Elem. (55/6th) Gold
May 10 - Barack & Michelle Obama Service Learning Elem. (55/6th) Maroon
May 12 - Jackson Magnet School (61/6th) Carlsson
May 14 - Roosevelt Elementary (50/6th)
May 17 - Bruce Vento Elementary (
May 18 - Westwood Middle School Campus to Kids
May 19 - Westwood Middle School (325/8th)
May 27 - Jackson Magnet School (50/4th)

June 7 - Garden City Elementary (54/6th)
June 8 - University Academy for Boys and Girls - Northend (32/6th)
June 9 - Wayzata East Middle School (51/7th)
June 14 - Turnquist Child Enrichment Center
June 18 - NHCC Cornerstones Summer Program
June 22 - Crossroads Elementary (60/4th) Pending
June 23 - Anoka Hennepin - Discover U (50/7th) Gold Group / (50/7th) Maroon Group 
June 24 - Crossroads Elementary (90/5th and 6th)
June 25 - Big Brothers/Big Sisters (80/2nd-6th)

September 24 - Hopkins Middle School (75/6th)
September 30 - Gear Up Day Get Ready (60/4th)

October 1 - Northeast Middle School (60/6th)
October 6 - Coon Rapids Middle School AVID (54/7th-8th)
October 13 - Northeast Middle School (350)
October 14 - Get Ready (120/8th)
October 27 - Coon Rapids/Jackson Middle Schools (40/7th-8th)
October 29 - Valley View ( 120- 4th and 5th)

November 3 - Global Academy 18/8th
November 10 - South View Middle School 
November 12 - Partnership Academy 40/5th
November 16 - Pilgram Schools 26/CTK
November 19 - Field Middle School (56/6th-8th)

December 3 - ISD 622 - 35/6th-8th
6th-8th/December 8 - Sunrise Park Middle 39/8th
3rd-5th/December 10 - Partnership Academy 46/4th
6th-8th/December 15 - Jackson Middle School 52/7th-8th

January 26 - Anderson United Community School 90/7th gr
February 2 - Hancock Hamline Elementary 103/6th
February 7 - New City School Visit 29/7th-8th
February 9 - Big Brothers/Big Sisters Youth Group 52
February 11 - Richard Green Central 62/4th gr
February 16 - Big Brothers/Big Sisters Youth Group 38
February 23- Washington Tech. Magnet School 45/7th gr
March 7 - South Washington County Schools 37/8th
March 9 - Richard Green Central Park School 46/8th
March 30 - Sunrise Park Middle 40/8th (AVID)

April 4- Andersen Academy 40/4th
April 5 - Andersen Academy 40/4th
April 6- Andersen Academy 40/4th
April 8 - Nicollet Junior High 240
April 12 - Highview and Edgewood Schools 35/6th-8th (PM)
3-5th/April 15- Nellie Stone Johnson Community School 80/4th
6-8th/April 27- Sunrise Park Middle School 40/8th
April 29- Fridley Schools 200

May 2 - Bryn Mawr Elementary
May 4 - Open World Learning Community
May 7 - Joyce Pre-School - (Spanish Speaking) 10/20 10am - 12pm
May 9 - Evergreen Park Elementary School
May 11 - Zanewood Community School 66/6th
May 16 - Westwood Middle School Campus to Kids Presentation
May 17 - Westwood Middle School (260/8th) Energy and U 10am
May 24 - Boys of Hope Chaska District 10/8th
May 25 - Olson Middle School (30/8th)

June 1 - Roseville Middle School 53/7th-8th
June 8 - Riverview Elementary 4th-6th/153

2011 - Summer
July 6th - New Visions Academy  4th-8th/17 (8:15-11:30)
July 7th - Minnepolis Kids (4th-7th/35) 10:30-2:30
July 8th - Cornerstone Program (7th-8th/40) 
July 11th -  Military Kids Program (5th-7th/35)
July 12th - NYFS 1-4pm (CIC, AS or SH to be determined)
July 13th - Discover U - 9-11am Gold 50 - 6th /12-2pm Maroon 6th (English Focus)
July 15th - Learning Works 150/7th-9th (8am-11am/3:30) 12 classes AM
July 20th - St. Croix English camp 35/7th and 8th (2:00 - 4:00) 
July 25th - New Visions Academy 4th-8th/45 (8:15-11:30)
July 27th - Kaleidoscope Kids 1st-8th/95
July 28th - Crosswinds Arts and Science 30/7th and 8th (10:00am - 2:00pm) 
July 29th - Learning Ventures - 4th-6th/78

Aug. 1st - New Visions Academy 4th-8th/45 (8:15-11:30)
Aug. 3rd - YMCA Chain of Lakes - 40/5th-8th 11:30-2:30
Aug. 8th - YMCA Ridgedale 6th-8th/45
Aug. 10th - Kaleidoscope Kids 1st-8th/110
Aug. 11th - NSAH 15/6th-8th (10am-1pm)

FALL 2011

September 28th - Sanford Middle School 50/6th-7th 10:15am/3:00pm
September 30th - Alice Smith Elementary 90/6th 10am-2pm
October 6th -  Woodbury Middle School 42/8th 9am-1pm AVID
October 7th - Cottage Grove Middle School 42/8th 9am-1pm AVID
October 12th - Anwatin Middle School 60/8th - 10:15am/3:00pm
October 14th - Coon Rapids (AVID) 48/8th

November 1st - Pligrim MS 35/7th-8th
November 4th - Edina SV AVID 90/7th
November 11th - South Washington Coutny Schools 40/8th
November 15th - Richfield Middle School 50/7th
November 19th - Ellis Middle School 305/7th
November 29th - Richfield Middle School 50/8th
December 1st - Global Academy 65/6th Graders
December 2nd - SRP Middle School
December 9th - Roseville Middle School 70/7th,8th and Parents AVID 9:00am/2:00pm
December 12th - Schools of Eastern Carver County 57/7th at 9:30-1:45
Jan. 9th - Jackson Middle School 600/6th w/Energy and the U
Jan. 11th - Northeast Middle School 132/6th-8th 10am-3:30

Winter/Spring Schedule
Jan. 19th - Barack and Michelle Obama SLE 90/6th
Jan. 24th - Barack and Michelle Obama SLE 90/4th
Feb. 3rd - Palmer Lake Elementary 120/6th 10am-2pm
Feb. 10th - Sunrise Park Middle School 45/7th-8th
Feb. 16th - AVID Robbinsdale Middle School 50/8th
Feb. 22nd - Barack and Michelle Obama SLE 90/5th
Feb. 23rd - St. Paul City School 45/8th
March 6th - Nellie Stone Johnson PDN
March 8th - Partnership Academy Charter School 48/8th
March 9th - Marcy Open Middle School 145/7th-8th
March 12th - Commonbond Community 50/8th
April 3rd - Brooklyn Junior High PND
April 6th - Marcy Open School 145/7th&8th
April 12th - Olson Middle School 40/8th
April 13th - Ellis Middle School/Austin 350/8th 10am-1pm
April 20th - Get Ready Program - OMS
April 27th - Fridley Middle School 200/8th 9:45-2:15
May 2nd - Bruce Vento Elementary 65/5th 10am-2pm
May 4th - Jackson Prepatory Magnet Elementary 70/5th
May 7th - Washington Technology Magnet School 200/8th
May 9th - Washington Technology Magnet School 200/8th
May 16th - Garden City Elementary 50/6th
May 18th - WMS Energy and U 300/8th
May 21st - Westwood Middle School 325/8th
May 30 - Ellis Middle School 95/6th 10am-12:30/1:00-3:30
June 1 - Ellis Middle School 95/6th 10am-12:30/1:00-3:30

Past Schools Served

Anderson Elementary-
Anderson Open 
Anoka Middle Schools 
Banyan Community
Battle Creek Middle School
Blake Learning Works
Bruce Vento
Buffalo Middle School
Cherokee Heights 
College in Schools
Community for Excellence Academy
Coon Rapids Middle School
CURA Youth Tutoring Hmong Group
Dugsi Academy
Eastern Heights 
Educational Challenge Search Program
EXCEL Program - St. Paul Public Schools
Farnsworth/Clevland Middle School
Girls in Science Club
Golden Eagles Program
Harvest Prepatory School
Hiawatha Leadership Academy
Highland Jr. High
Highwood Hills Elementary
Hmong Families Outreach Program
Homecroft Elementary
Hopkins Middle School
Humbolt Jr. High School
Latino Science Club - Sanford
Maxfield Magnet School
Milwalkee Wisc. Public Schools - Gear Up
Murray Jr. High School 
Nellie Stone Johnson
Noble Youth Academy
Normandale Excel Program
Northend Middle School
Northview Middle School
Palmer Middle School
Park Avenue Foundation
Partnership Academy
Phyillis Wheatly Community Center
Plymouth Middle School
Project Cornerstone - NHCC
Prosperity Heights Elementary
Rassmuson Middle School
Reach for the Sky Program - White Earth
Richard Green Middle School
Richfield Middle School
Roosevelt Jr. High School
Roseville Middle Schools
Sanford Middle School
SEED Academy
Squash Scholars
St. Joseph Middle School
Stoneridge School
Sunrise Park Middle School
Urban Ventures
Washington Middle School
Webster Elementary
Westwood Middle School
YMCA Beacons Program

Hello all,

I just wanted to share with everyone how exciting it is to have a new start with a new president.  President Eric Kaler, was ingaugerated yesterday as our 16th President at the University of Minnesota.  As an educator, as a father and a member of the Latino community, I was over joyed with his remarks as they pertain to diversity and K-12.  I just wanted to share them with you and have you know how exciting our work can be when we all use our talents, abitliies and engergy. 

Before ending his inagural speech he stated:

"Before I conclude, there are two additional points that I feel especially strongly about.

One is diversity. Any great team, organization, or University, must actively pursue diversity. In our faculty . . . among our staff . . . and within our student body.

I can think of no community, no challenge, no classroom that is not enhanced by diversity . . . of thought, of background, of language, of values, of religion, of gender, of ways of knowing.

Diversity pushes us to challenge our assumptions. It sparks our creativity, and it enables a richer and, frankly, more interesting life. A student who, by accident or by plan, has a narrow and homogenous education will be spectacularly ill-equipped to succeed in a modern life.

Diversity is also an economic and civic imperative. By 2035 almost half of the citizens in the Twin Cities metro area will be people of color. Yet, today, our state has one of the nation's largest achievement gaps between students of color and white students from kindergarten to twelfth grade, and that extends to a gap in higher education.

We all bear responsibility.

If we are to prosper in the future as a state, it is incumbent upon all of us to close this achievement gap. I will partner with our K-12 leaders and others and bring University expertise and resources to reach this goal. Education is the path to a better life . It always has been."

So, I am so excited to work with you and to also expand our Campus to Kids program where University staff will come to your school and provide in-class presentations on the value of higher educaiton as well as other topics such as leadership development, time management, teambuilding, goal setting and other relative topics.

To be sent more information on our Campus to Kids - In School Program please email 

uconnects@umn.edu  and include in the subject line: CAMPUS 2 KIDS

Kids on Campus is nearly full for the 2011-2012 academic year, but be sure to submit your summer requests or 2012-2013 requests.

The following are messages recieved from students and teachers after their visits.

"Thank you for talking to us about how we get good grades in school.  I really think I got your message about our futures and how we should go to college.  I also think that you really inspired me to go to the U of M.  And also we should all sometimes sit up in front.  By the way, the food was GREAT" - 6th Grader

I learned a lot about the U of M.  I learned that you don't have to be shy to meet anyone, I also learned that you should be strong from the beginning to the end.  I also learned you should always have a team,  it can be your family members or your friends or your counselor at school. 6th Grader

I had alot of fun on the trip.  Thanks a bunch I always planned on going to college but now I really want to.  Thanks again, it was really cool.........6th Grader

I used to think I would never in a million  years go to school where it's cold.  You showed me that the U of M is an amazing school, strong in  mechanical sciences........6th Grader

I had a great time at the University.  I learned so much,  Some of the things I learned are it is important to go to college because it makes us better problem solvers, it helps us get a better job in life.  I learned the 3 most important P's, Plan-Purpose-Passion. 6th Grader

I had a lot of fun and you gave me a new point of view at school and life. Thank you. - 6th Grader

Now that I learned about college, I cannot wait to go!!  GO College!! GO College!! 6th Grader


Thank you for making our experience at the University of Minnsota so memorable.  Your message of opportunity and living your dream really had an impact on our students.  They came back to school with a new perspective on college, and a new vision for themselves. - Middle School Teacher

Thanks so much for the wonderful tour..... They were "buzzing" all the way home about how cool the U is and how much they learned about college. Thanks for all you fo to help inner-city kids.  It gives them hope and something to
work towards.

As of last week, Kids On Campus has now served 10,000 youth since we started in 2007.

I thank all of your for investing your time and energy in bringing your youth on campus.  I am a better person because of the young people you have introduced me to.  To hear their stories and be a part of their lives for just a few shorts hours has been a very life changing experience.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, and I hope for another 10,000 youth to visit in the future.

We would also love to have any pictures that you may have taken for our department files and my office wall.

These pictures or photos will not be publicly displayed due to Child Protection laws, but we would like to share with staff and departments we are trying to recruite to expand our programs and services to you.  So, if possible send us what you have.

Also, we would like to invite you to send us an comments or testimonials regarding your experience with Kids on Campus as a teacher, administartor or volunteer.

Finally, we are taking open and constructive suggestions on how to improve our program.

Thank you again for all you do in the lives of our youth.

The KOC Staff.

All photos can be sent via email to uconnects@umn.edu
U Connects/Kids on Campus 166 Appleby Hall 128 Pleasant Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455