KOC Quotes from Kids and Teachers

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The following are messages recieved from students and teachers after their visits.

"Thank you for talking to us about how we get good grades in school.  I really think I got your message about our futures and how we should go to college.  I also think that you really inspired me to go to the U of M.  And also we should all sometimes sit up in front.  By the way, the food was GREAT" - 6th Grader

I learned a lot about the U of M.  I learned that you don't have to be shy to meet anyone, I also learned that you should be strong from the beginning to the end.  I also learned you should always have a team,  it can be your family members or your friends or your counselor at school. 6th Grader

I had alot of fun on the trip.  Thanks a bunch I always planned on going to college but now I really want to.  Thanks again, it was really cool.........6th Grader

I used to think I would never in a million  years go to school where it's cold.  You showed me that the U of M is an amazing school, strong in  mechanical sciences........6th Grader

I had a great time at the University.  I learned so much,  Some of the things I learned are it is important to go to college because it makes us better problem solvers, it helps us get a better job in life.  I learned the 3 most important P's, Plan-Purpose-Passion. 6th Grader

I had a lot of fun and you gave me a new point of view at school and life. Thank you. - 6th Grader

Now that I learned about college, I cannot wait to go!!  GO College!! GO College!! 6th Grader


Thank you for making our experience at the University of Minnsota so memorable.  Your message of opportunity and living your dream really had an impact on our students.  They came back to school with a new perspective on college, and a new vision for themselves. - Middle School Teacher

Thanks so much for the wonderful tour..... They were "buzzing" all the way home about how cool the U is and how much they learned about college. Thanks for all you fo to help inner-city kids.  It gives them hope and something to
work towards.

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