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At this point we are so grateful for all of those that have made advanced arrangements.  We are excited for a new year of new activities and programming in fall 2011 and 2012.
Remember we are a year around service and we also take reservations a year in advance.  
We also have our Campus to Kids program in the event you are not able to visit campus we will come and visit you at your school. To learn more please email ostvigwt@umn.edu.
At this time, there is still no cost for the services that we provide which may include classroom presentations, visits to laboratories, motivational speakers, or other on campus activities.
Please send all requests to uconnects@umn.edu - Because of such a large amount of requests per year Visit Requests must be made 30 days in advance.  If requests are made less than 30 days they may be rescheduled because of space, staffing and logistics.
For visits to campus please include the following:  
1st. 2nd, and 3rd dates of choice, 
Arrival and Departure times, 
Number of Youth, 
Grade of Youth,
Number of Adults, 
Your school or organization and which area of campus you would like to visit (East Bank, West Bank, Carlson School of Management or St. Paul Campus).  

Here is a sample agenda.

9:30 Arrival East Bank Northrop Auditorium
9:30-9:45 - Travel to Classroom Space
9:45-10:45 - College is Cool Interactive Activities and Video (Youth will do problem solving puzzles as well as be shown the value of higher education as well as future careers available.) The will be a "Discoveries of the University" video as well.
10:45-11:00 - Restroom Break
11:00-12:00- May include one of the following: an Aerospace Activity, Exploring Campus, Goldy's Game Show, Student Panel, Goal Setting, Leadership training and others.
12:00 - 12:15 - Travel to U of M Dining Services
12:15-1:00 - Lunch 
1:00 -1:30 - Students Stories Activity, final wrap up and evaluations.
1:30-1:45 - Travel and load bus
1:45 - Departure from Centennial Hall

The following are all our lunch options to be paid for by the visiting schools.  

Option One: All you can eat buffet in Centennial Dining Hall can be purchased at $7.25 per person. (Subject to change)

Option Two: Meal plans ranging from $5.00-7.00 can be arranged at Marketplace Student Cafeteria in Coffman Union.

Option Three: Schools may bring bag lunches and the Kids on Campus program will provide a beverage and a dessert.

Visiting schools are responsible for roundtrip transportation and lunch costs.

Once a date has been filled, school names will be added to this blog on an on going basis.

Please feel free to visit the following link to learn more about KOC and the messages we strive to give to all the youth that visit.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve our program and your visits please contact the U Connects/Kids on Campus program at uconnects@umn.edu

Best to you and yours.
KOC Staff (Tex, Juavah, and Staff)

Because of nearly 50 requests or more per year, ALL Visit Requests must be made 30 days in advance.  If requests are made less than 30 days they may be rescheduled because of space, staffing and logistics.
After three years of programming and 11,000 youth served, the following dates have proven the best days for access to campus space, resources and availability of faculty/staff and student volunteers.  If needed special days can be requested and will be handled on a case by case situation.

2011 - Summer

July 6th - New Visions Academy  4th-8th/17 (8:15-11:30)
July 7th - Minnepolis Kids (4th-7th/35) 10:30-2:30
July 8th - Cornerstone Program (7th-8th/40) 
July 11th -  Military Kids Program (5th-7th/35)
July 12th - NYFS 1-4pm (CIC, AS or SH to be determined)
July 13th - Discover U - 9-11am Gold 50 - 6th /12-2pm Maroon 6th (English Focus)
July 15th - Learning Works 150/7th-9th (8am-11am/3:30) 12 classes AM
July 20th - St. Croix English camp 35/7th and 8th (1:30 - 4:00) 
July 25th - New Visions Academy 4th-8th/45 (8:15-11:30)
July 27th - Kaleidoscope Kids
July 28th - Crosswinds Arts and Science 30/7th and 8th (10:00am - 2:00pm) 
July 29th - Learning Ventures

Aug. 1st - New Visions Academy 4th-8th/45 (8:15-11:30)
Aug. 3rd - YMCA Chain of Lakes - 40/5th-8th 11:30-2:30
Aug. 8th - Turnquist Child Enrichment Center
Aug. 10th - Kaleidoscope Kids


September 28th - Sanford Middle School 50/6th-7th 10:15am/3:00pm
September 30th - Alice Smith Elementary 90/6th
October 5th - South Washington County Schools 40/7th
October 7th - South Washington County Schools 40/8th
October 12th - Anwatin Middle School 60/8th - 10:15am/3:00pm
October 14th - Coon Rapids (AVID) 48/8th
October 21st - Open

November 4th - Edina SV AVID 90/7th
November 11th - Open
November 18th - Open

December 2nd - SRP Middle School
December 9th - Open
December 15th - Open

Winter/Spring 2012

January Closed

February 3rd - Open
February 10th - Sunrise Park Middle School
February 13th - Open
February 16 - AVID Robbinsdale Middle School
February 23rd - Open

March 8th - Open
March 9th -  Open
March 12th - Open

April 6th - Marcy Open School 145/7th and 8th
April 13th - Open
April 20th - Get Ready - OMS
April 27th - Fridley Middle School

May 4th - Jackson Prepatory Magnet Elementary 70/5th
May 7th - Washington Technology Magnet School 200/8th
May 9th - Washington Technology Magnet School 200/8th
May 16 - Garden City Elementary 50/6th 
May 18 - OMS Middle School
May 21st - Westwood Middle School 325/8th
May 30 - Manz Elementary School 70/5th
June 1 - Manz Elementary School 70/5th

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