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Hello all,

I just wanted to share with everyone how exciting it is to have a new start with a new president.  President Eric Kaler, was ingaugerated yesterday as our 16th President at the University of Minnesota.  As an educator, as a father and a member of the Latino community, I was over joyed with his remarks as they pertain to diversity and K-12.  I just wanted to share them with you and have you know how exciting our work can be when we all use our talents, abitliies and engergy. 

Before ending his inagural speech he stated:

"Before I conclude, there are two additional points that I feel especially strongly about.

One is diversity. Any great team, organization, or University, must actively pursue diversity. In our faculty . . . among our staff . . . and within our student body.

I can think of no community, no challenge, no classroom that is not enhanced by diversity . . . of thought, of background, of language, of values, of religion, of gender, of ways of knowing.

Diversity pushes us to challenge our assumptions. It sparks our creativity, and it enables a richer and, frankly, more interesting life. A student who, by accident or by plan, has a narrow and homogenous education will be spectacularly ill-equipped to succeed in a modern life.

Diversity is also an economic and civic imperative. By 2035 almost half of the citizens in the Twin Cities metro area will be people of color. Yet, today, our state has one of the nation's largest achievement gaps between students of color and white students from kindergarten to twelfth grade, and that extends to a gap in higher education.

We all bear responsibility.

If we are to prosper in the future as a state, it is incumbent upon all of us to close this achievement gap. I will partner with our K-12 leaders and others and bring University expertise and resources to reach this goal. Education is the path to a better life . It always has been."

So, I am so excited to work with you and to also expand our Campus to Kids program where University staff will come to your school and provide in-class presentations on the value of higher educaiton as well as other topics such as leadership development, time management, teambuilding, goal setting and other relative topics.

To be sent more information on our Campus to Kids - In School Program please email  and include in the subject line: CAMPUS 2 KIDS

Kids on Campus is nearly full for the 2011-2012 academic year, but be sure to submit your summer requests or 2012-2013 requests.

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