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As of last week, Kids On Campus has now served 10,000 youth since we started in 2007.

I thank all of your for investing your time and energy in bringing your youth on campus.  I am a better person because of the young people you have introduced me to.  To hear their stories and be a part of their lives for just a few shorts hours has been a very life changing experience.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, and I hope for another 10,000 youth to visit in the future.

We would also love to have any pictures that you may have taken for our department files and my office wall.

These pictures or photos will not be publicly displayed due to Child Protection laws, but we would like to share with staff and departments we are trying to recruite to expand our programs and services to you.  So, if possible send us what you have.

Also, we would like to invite you to send us an comments or testimonials regarding your experience with Kids on Campus as a teacher, administartor or volunteer.

Finally, we are taking open and constructive suggestions on how to improve our program.

Thank you again for all you do in the lives of our youth.

The KOC Staff.

All photos can be sent via email to uconnects@umn.edu
U Connects/Kids on Campus 166 Appleby Hall 128 Pleasant Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455

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