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Champions of Life and Sport

Creating a systematic and strategic approach to successful athletic development via the values, beliefs and theories of holistic and healthy youth development.


Tex Ostvig

Master of Education-University of Minnesota

College of Education and Human Development




I believe that coaches need to:

  • provide each athlete with a voice
  • engage each athlete where they are in life
  • allow each athlete choice
  • provide a safe environment where athletes can increase and improve their lives


As I approach athletics, my years of coaching experience and my studies at the University of Minnesota -Youth Development Leadership program I have found that in sports and life, a championed and balanced athlete is one that has mastered the following major areas: mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual.


It is the goal of this project to evaluate and enhance work being done through the Centennial High School wrestling program.  It is also the goal of this project to research and prove that all participating athletes can increase their desires to become responsible global citizens, respected servant leaders and role models that leave a legacy of honor, accountability, loyalty, integrity and achievement.


It is the goal of this project that all affiliated coaches will be asked to contribute their knowledge and experience that demonstrate the values and role of Youth Development Leadership in the context of athletics. 


Coaches will be included in this process through interviews and observations on how they use Youth Development models and theories to enhance the athletic experience of each youth.  Coaches will be asked to share their beliefs and concepts which are needed to promote healthy and holistic youth development in the sport of wrestling.


It is the goal of this project to engage all parents and adult guardians of the youth athletes in an effort to solicit their opinions, thoughts and feedback.  Individual and group discussions will also be conducted to involve, inform and engage all participating parents and adult guardians of youth.

As coaches develop with each team they must also develop with each athlete.  My years of experience have concluded that therer are 5 stages of expereince that then result into a full cycle.

1st - Introduction Phase where athlete and coach are establishing their bounderies as well as introduction of styles of communication, expectations and other aspects of the sport.  This also including sharing strategies, thoughts and philosophies.

2nd - Instruction Phase where coach is very dedicated in teaching the athlete all skills and techniques that they need to know in order to be successful.

3rd - Prepartation Phase where athletes and coaches prepare themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

4th - Execution Phase begins the moment of first contact, it is the struggle between one opponent and the other.  It is when all the planning, skills, techniques, conditioning, and work all come together in the hopes of personal excellence and possible victory.

5th - Recognition Phase is the time when after the competition is over, each team and athlete are given rewards for their efforts.  It is when those that were victorious are able to stand on a podium, have their picture taken and are immortalized in the pages of history books.

6th - Frustration Phase is when all hopes, dreams and goals have not been reached.  It is when all that was planned is not obtained.  It is when each athlete must decide how much harder are they willing to work.  It is when coaches decided how much more are they willing to give.

7th - Rejunivation Phase is when athlete and coach are ready to move forward and learn from the past but are not stuck in past perfomances.  It is when all are ready to begin the process again and INTRODUCED to new ideas, new strategies and new ways of doing things in order to improve skills and techniques.  It is also a time to refocus on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of each athlete and coach.

Athletic and Coaching Profile

As of December 2011

3 year experience- Orono Middle School Wrestling Team
4 years experience- Orono High School Wrestling Team (Hall of Fame Coach -David Sohn)
3 years experience -University of Minnesota Wrestling Team (Hall of Fame Coaches- Wally Johnson and J Robinon)
9 years experience- Orono High School Assistant Wrestling Coach
9 years experience- Orono Wrestling Volunteer Coach (High School)
3 years experience - Centennial High School Wrestling Coach Volunteer                    6 years experience- Minnehaha Wrestling Volunteer Coach (High School)                 6 years experience - Orono Youth Wrestling Volunteer Coach (Free, Greco and Folk)7 years experience - J Robinson Wrestling Camps (4x Team Camp Clinician and one year Youth Camp Clinician)

New Beginnings - 9/29/09

After numerous informal conversations, a 75 minute meeting was held between John Bergeland, (Head Wrestling Coach) and Tex Ostvig (YDL Graduate Student) regarding the potential of working together on a project to promote healthy holistic youth development in the sport of wrestling within the Centennial High School program.

During the meeting a tentative program was outlined that recognized the need to support student  athletes in five areas of youth development.  Each area was discussed and reviewed.  It is the goal of this project to build upon their Strengths and improve any Weaknesses into Strengths.  They include the following:

Mental Strength 
Emotional Strength
Physical Strength
Social Strength
Spiritual Strength

Each of the following areas also have sub sets yet to be determined.

Time line of Project:

October, 2009 - Ostvig to create training model and curriculum for project.
October 25, 2009 - Coaching staff to be introduced to Ostvig and overview of project.
October-November, 2009 - Ostvig to meet with Head Coach for Goals, Assessment and Outcomes.
November, 2009 - Athletes to be asked to complete an essay, "Why do you wrestle?"
Parents to be asked one of the following:
Why do you want your athlete to participate in wrestling? As a parent, how has the sport of wrestling helped your athlete or how do you think it can help your athlete? What life lessons do you hope your athlete learns by the end of the 2009-2010 season?
December, 2009 - Athletes to be asked to fill out a self assessment of the five areas of Strength (MEPSS)
January, 2010 - Athletes will meet with Ostvig in groups by grades 9th (First Week) 10th (Second Week) 11th (Third Week) and 12th (Fourth Week).
January, 2010 - Athletes will meet with Ostvig individually.
February, 2010 - Coaching Staff to meet with athletes in groups and individually.
March, 2010 - Ostvig to meet with Parent Focus Groups
March, 2010 - Ostvig to meet with Athletes in Focus Groups
April, 2010 - Coaching Staff to be interviewed
April, 2010 - Head Coach and Ostvig to Evaluate Project
May, 2010 - Tex to Create and Finish Final Evaluation and Final Project

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