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Finding Connections on a TEAM

At any moment a wrestler can choose to be better, the question is, when will they choose that moment?

Coaching young athletes and a team is like a marriage.  We want the best to work out, we want to fix all the problems and we sometimes think we know the best way to do it.

What we need more of is reflection of the situation as a whole and then in its parts.

We need to have open two-way communication.  Focusing on the Listening.

We need to be willing to let go and move on.

We need to understand that change of the situation begins with us.


Suggestions for the team, is to FIND MORE CONNECTIONS:

Ü  Give the wrestlers a day off.  Yet challenge them to do something with each other.

Ü  Watch a sports movie together and then discuss similarities.

Ü  Have the wrestlers answer several questions about the season.  Such as:

o   What is the difference in the team from the beginning of the season to now, both positive and negative.

o   How much do you feel the team is united?

o   How connected do you feel to your team members?

o   How connected do you feel to your coaches?

o   If you could make three improvements to team morale, what would they be?

Ü  Write a letter to the wrestlers that they can read and process. 

Ü  Have one on one interviews with your varsity wrestlers.

Ü  Have a candid discussion with your team captains regarding the performance of the team.

Ü  Make a list of all the positives that have happened during the season and post this in the room with an invitation for others to add to it.

Ü  Have the parents each write a letter to their son filled completely with words of positive encouragement, then have the parents give you the letters to give to the wrestlers after you have shared your positive thoughts about the team.

Ü  Show the highlight video from 2008-09 and try to make connections to creating a new legacy.  Have the team create a list on how to do this.

Ü  Have the varsity wrestlers all volunteer for one of the youth nights and have them in charge of two or more wrestlers for the evening.

Ü  Have the team come together for a service project in the community.

Ü  Have the entire team attend a basketball game together and be the best cheer section, then later discuss the feelings of being in the stands verse performing and how those feelings are felt on the wrestling team.

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