"Our Roots are Eternal" - Ostvigs and more.........

Hello Family,

I have long wanted to do this and now am taking action.  This is a place were we can see ourselves in all that we do and who we are.  You are welcome to participate as much as you would like or as little.  

This is dedicated to document all that we are as Ostvigs and offspring of the Ostvig heritage and name.  The intent of this site, at this time, is to include information from all of Martin C. Ostvig's son's and daughters, his grand children and his great grandchildren.

There will be many areas that will be included and I am open to all suggestions on how to do this.  
I want to include, information in the areas of education, church, sports, scouting, missions, just to name a few.

I am also aware of the need for privacy, so we will take it slow and one step at a time.

Please do three things for me.

1. Send me your feedback
2. Send me  your family information, family facts, and family announcements
3. Send me the emails of any and all Ostvig relations in YOUR family.

Well, here we go................My love, Tex

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