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Week of March 19th - M-ASAP Check In Visits

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Hi, Hope you had a great Spring Break.

It's M-ASAP Mid Semester Visit time:)

What can we talk about? Scholarships, Study Abroad, Internships, Academics, Graduation Goals, Life!

I have enjoyed meeting with many of you and now I hope to meet some more.

I have several openings where you can sign up for a visit, First Come First Serve.

So, email at and let me know when you are avaialble and I will slot us in for a short check-in visit.

Wednesday, March 21st
2:00pm -
2:30pm -
3:00pm -

Thursday, March 22nd
11:00am -
11:30am -
12:00pm -
12:30pm -
1:00pm -
1:30pm -
2:00pm -
2:30pm -

Friday, March 23rd
9:00am -
9:30am -
10:00am -
10:30am -
1:30pm -
2:00pm -
2:30pm - Paja

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