October 7, 2005

We have received another letter from Elvira Fulch. It was sitting on my desk when I got to the Statesman office. I'm not sure who left it there, but I'm thinking it was UrS TruLEe. I have just one thing to ask in reply to this letter - Do you read the Outdoors section at all? Here's what she had to say today.


I was wondering why the Statesman doesn't have more stories in the Outdoors section about killing animals and fishing. All the writers seem to write about is outdoor activities like rock climbing, camping and cliff jumping. Who cliff jumps this time of the year anyways? Isn't it kind of frigid in Duluth to take part in something this stupid? Maybe the Statesman needs a real writer like me to tell them about the hunting and fishing seasons as I see them. I love to hunt...sometimes I stay at my hunting land for weeks and just sit and think about how much fun it is. Let me know if you need someone to help shape up the section. I have some cool pictures of my mounts, too - deer, ducks, fish...I could submit those as a guest contributor if need be.

UrS TruLEe

Posted by otto0088 at October 7, 2005 10:52 AM