July 16, 2008

Blew THAT popstand

I helped B engineer his temporary escape from the hospital today, in order to make it to another important (and very hard-to-get) doctor's appointment (at a much more prestigious medical institution). The medical staff at the first hospital was, um, displeased. Nursing Supervisor Ratchett called me on my cell phone to bitch me out (cue Wicked Witch of West music here), and then the hospital doc chewed B a new one upon his return.

But all is resolved and they let him stay another night so that he can have a 24-hour drip of basically antacid medication. He has (if I understand the report and the Internot) a stomach ulcer and a condition in his esophagus in which the cells change into a different kind of cell, probably from continued acid reflux. They haven't talked about treatment, but it will probably involve medication. Mayo Clinic advertises surgical treatments, yuck.

The good news is that he probably doesn't have the very dangerous and demobilizing foot condition that we went to see the other doc about. THAT has to be a tremendous relief.

Back to regularly scheduled programming.

Posted by otto0114 at July 16, 2008 5:46 PM