July 23, 2008

hey, got a match?

hmm, well, ok. What is new? B has been home since Thursday. We have finally cleared out all of the "sumac" bed behind the house. I have a new, err, appreciation (not really the right word - maybe grudging respect) for the sumac. See, it grows into a tree, and when you cut the tree down, it gets really pissed off, and sends out roots in every direction, and THEY each try to grow into trees. (Think of the scene in Fantasia when Mickey whacks the broom and little brooms sprout - or the knockoff scene in Itchy and Scratchy with the bloodstream nanohatchets.)

Nevertheless, we are gonna fight the entropy of the universe by planting grass seed there tomorrow, and I will eventually price the evergreens I want (Chamaecyparis obtusa) for the hedge against the adjoining shed. Then: the Mediterranean garden (all delicious herbs); the Japanese rock garden (I've collected the rocks already!) and the water feature.

A brick terrace surrounded with a mix of flowering shrubs and perennials. Coffee every morning. A fire pit with s'mores evenings. I have about a ton of biomass to burn.

Posted by otto0114 at July 23, 2008 7:03 PM