July 30, 2008

achy breaky

What started off as a mild, low-key, sort-some-tools-and-hardware project in the garage this morning turned into a knock-down, full-scale, rip-some-lumber cleanup this afternoon with B's participation.

Good news: cut up a lot of leftover tenant crapola for the trash, brought tires up to DPW for recycling, really cleaned up the space. It's like a new garage!!

Bad news: sore and achy. And lots of hardware still to sort. I am my father's daughter - loathe to throw away anything that "might come in handy someday." But it's good to get it done. I am tired of buying home improvement supplies and then finding the same thing in a box or storage bin somewhere. Now I know: I have 4 regular hammers plus a tack hammer and rubber hammer; about 18 billion screwdrivers, 5 putty knives, 17 rolls of duct tape, and so forth.

I wish there was a way for us to compile "tool kits" for households in need. The stuff is used but excellent quality - and good tools is one area to which my usual cheapness does not extend. Really, you get what you pay for with tools. Cheap price = subpar performance and quick breakage (B is very hard on tools). I, on the other hand, have had the same wood-handled, probably antique flat-blade screwdriver since 1978, and it is perfect for my hand.

Posted by otto0114 at July 30, 2008 8:12 PM