August 20, 2008

French manicure, you say? Why, no...

...ithat's just glazing compound under my fingertips.

As the nights grow cool (so different than the Twin Cities), I am focusing on energy saving measures. Our natural gas bill has gone up from $150/month back in the 1990s to almost $400/month today. Finding ways to be smarter about energy use is clearly on the agenda. B installed a new programmable thermostat for the upstairs zone yesterday, and we have been working together on sash repair. I suppose a clothesline is next. (ah, stiff-as-a-board clothing - so fresh!)

Never was so much time spent on so tiny a project: remove side rails (hard; the screws AND the side rails were slathered in paint); remove sash; assess damage; remove and clean glass; glue and clamp sash; lay down a bead of compound; insert points; realize that the other pane doesn't fit and that you've reversed the panes; remove points and start over; examine glazing and realize the profile isn't steep enough; do it again.

Tomorrow I hope it will be dry enough to prime. I think this is the only sash that is falling apart, but numerous others have their "issues," which need to be diagnosed and fixed before cold weather. Then, we need storm windows. If anyone has experience with interior storms, kindly give me a shout-out.

In other news for those of you who know me IRL, my dad was in the hospital for a week with pneumonia. He's been out for a week, and glad of it. It was a pretty hectic time, driving to the hospital to see him every day, trying to figure out what was going on, and to reconcile his "I'm outta here" intrinsic desires with today's medical expectations, PLUS negotiate all the family emotions/recommendations/expectations. In the shuffle, he lost his keys and I lost my cell phone. But I still have my dad, for which I am beyond grateful. He's quite a guy!

Posted by otto0114 at August 20, 2008 7:32 PM